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Hire a Pay-Per-Click Expert to Define the PPC Strategy

by raviseo

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Before starting with anything, it is so important to define the 4Ws and 1 H. Here 4Ws refer to why, when, what and who. The single H refers to how. The success of any activity or campaign can be depends on how well these fundamental questions have been answered. PPC is a part of the marketing strategy and therefore, many a times, enterprises entrust the Pay-Per-Click campaign to a marketing expert who is already taking care of the different aspects of marketing domain. For such a person, it is extremely difficult to focus on this particular domain of online marketing. Neither does he have the bandwidth to get into the nitigrities of the project nor can he value add to it. Pay-Per-Click marketing quintessentially involves a complete understanding of what one is trying to achieve within the budget parameters. There are situations when one may find himself or herself completely lost between the bids and the keywords. To avoid situations like this, enterprises should Hire a Pay-Per-Click expert who dedicatedly manages the entire campaign and has complete ownership of it.

A dedicated expert follows five key industry best practices for generating optimum results. These are:

•          Etch a clear cut objective in place

•          Measure the key performance indicator or the KPI through analytics tracking

•          Apply the K.I.S.S rule to the conversion path optimization

•          Test the effectiveness of the PPC campaign

•          Target audience on the basis of geographical locations and behavior

It is important that an example should be set forth in order to prove the validity of the all that has been stated above. Let us look at a particular case study. This is about a company called eBrandz that provides internet-marketing services. The client in this case was an industry leader in the business of credit card processing. The client was facing tremendous challenge with its existing Pay-Per-Click campaign.  Two things were bothering the client. First was the huge cost that they constantly incurred while acquiring a single lead and the second factor was the redundant leads which was scaling up the overall cost of the campaign.  The company decided to approach a marketing firm for re-structuring their entire PPC campaign.

The e Brandz team took over their account and started with a clear-cut goal of first defining the audience and the respective keywords targeted towards them. By taking care of these two aspects, they were able to eliminate redundant and bad leads thereby, significantly bringing down the cost associated with each lead. Apart from this, constant monitoring of KPIs helped them to recognize click frauds on the account and they submitted the report to the search engines. Persistent follow-ups and constant communication helped the client gain partial refunds. At the initial stage, the client reported a slight drop on the overall traffic of the website because of the elimination of the costly and in effective keywords. As the cost per leads decreased, the overall quality of the leads witnessed a great boost. All this was only possible because the internet marketing company had hired experienced and talented resources.  

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