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While in Istanbul make a point of visiting a Hamam

by constantinopleguide

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Turkish baths, also called Hamams, were the equivalents of the communal baths popular in other parts of Europe. Medieval Europeans were not obsessed with personal cleanliness as we are today and therefore public baths were primarily locations for relaxation and socialization. Personal cleanliness was however greatly emphasized in Turkey and therefore their baths were designed as facilities for both cleanliness and relaxation.

Nowadays Hamams are few and you can find those that have survived to date in the course of your Istanbul tours. During a typical visit to a Hamam you will begin with a session in a sauna-like enclave (where you can expect to work up a sweat), followed by a hot bath with or without assistance from an attendant. If you are so inclined you can receive a relaxing massage after your bath. Ultimately, you’ll emerge feeling clean, relaxed and refreshed.

Local tour guides who are renowned for facilitating very enthralling Istanbul tours are available via As you set up an itinerary with these guides be sure to point out that you’ll need their assistance to locate Istanbul’s finest baths.

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