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Know More About The Treatments For High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious health concern these days. The problem multiplies the risks of heart disease and heart strokes. Fortunately, a good news amidst this is that a healthy diet plan, exercise and some efforts in stress reduction can normalize your BP levels.

Your Diet Is The Most Effective High Blood Pressure Treatment

Dietary Considerations

Eat healthy diet- determining your nutritional type is essential to consume diet in accordance to your genetics. This way you can get permanent treatment for high blood pressure.

Normalizing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids- both these acids are extremely important for a healthy life. However, it has been observed that a large number of Americans have an improper ratio of these fatty acids. It is important to have the perfect balance of these acids in the body.

Omega 6 is found in sunflower oil, canola, soy, etc.

Omega 3 is found in fish oil, walnut oil, flax-seed oil, etc.

Say no to caffeine- Though, the relation between caffeine and high BP is not available but evidences have shown that reducing its intake lowers down the increasing pressure of blood.

Make an exercise habit a drug habit-

Physical activity in any form can bring outstanding results in different forms. The exercise does not need any investment but give you heavy returns by treating a number of problems simultaneously

For a long term benefit, you must follow a comprehensive program suggested by your doctor.

Optimizing vitamin D levels

People who are living in countries away from the equator are at higher risk of increased blood pressure. This is due to the deficiency of vitamin D received from the Sun in these countries.

The shortage of vitamin D causes

  • Increase of parathyroid hormone
  • Leads to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
  • Activates RAS (renin-angiotensin system) leading to hypertension
  • Endomorphins released with the influence of vitamin D are reduced which causes stress

Combat Your Stress

The relationship between stress and  hypertension is debatable. However a report by ABC World News on September 16, 2010 proves that these two factors are directly proportional. A stress relieving technique has been evolved in this regard which is known as “The 15 minute Heart Cure”. This includes techniques like breathing and creative visualization.

Supplements for high blood pressure

Although, there are several supplements for high blood pressure but these supplements can never replace the primary recommendations which I have mentioned above.

Relying only on the supplements and not bringing any changes to lifestyle will not bring effective results. Here are few of the supplements-

  • Calcium and magnesium- the minimum suggested quantity of calcium and magnesium are very helpful for those who are at high end of their hypertension.
  • Vitamin C and E- including vitamins in your diet will always prove beneficial for you. However, make sure that you consume more of the natural forms of these vitamins. Generally natural vitamin E is labeled as d-alpha, d-beta-tocopherol, etc.
  • Olive leaf extract- a study in 2008 proved that consuming 1000 mg of olive leaf extract can bring unexpected dip in your BP levels as well as cholesterol levels. Always prefer fresh leaf extract.
  • Electrical acupuncture- temporary lowering of hypertension is achieved through acupuncture combined with electric simulations. However, the results are successful in animals. For humans, it is still under experimentation.
  • Breast feeding- those who have consumed their mother’s milk for more than 12 months are at lower risk of developing hypertension. This is because mother’s milk have poly-unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Some quick tricks- it is said that nitric monoxide loosen the constricted vessels lowering the pressure of the blood. Taking a warm bath, breathing slowly through one nostril, having a bitter lemon can increase the above compound in your blood.

Obesity and high blood pressure are quite similar. Both are epidemic and both can be treated with lifestyle changes.



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