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Ways on How the Government Rewards Brave Workers at Sea

by allankenan

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There is a little something regarding the way the earth continues to move around the sun that makes you think. The trees grow fruit, the bees create honey, and people go to work—all the processes occurring on the planet’s surface never stops. Every function must be occupied and every job accomplished accordingly, no matter what it involves and anywhere it is demanded.
People's jobs don't stop at being the mere roles they need to play for the society. There is also a way to meet the necessity humans are born with. Some people see their jobs as their way to earn money to have food, shelter, and clothes. Others see these as a way to satisfy their desire for fulfillment.

By satisfying their necessities, individuals are usually eager to undergo anything. These occasionally direct them far from the land and into ships or yards to fill the role of managing the processes on military ships for instance. Working on-shore gives a ton of risks, but dangers usually become unimportant when duty is on the line.

While the dangers brought about by doing a job at sea cannot be helped, there are some things that can be done to pay back the troubles of sailors subjecting their wellness to the poundings of work on the shore. This is exactly why the Merchant Marine Act or Jones Act came about. The Jones Act workers compensation allows sailors dealing with job-related injuries to receive health and compensation benefits must they locate themselves in an unfortunate happening.

As years passed, it was observed that there were technicalities in the Jones Act. The act only addressed the needs of the sailors with no mention of the security needed by other sea workers on the dock or harbor. The Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act arrived to fill in these gaps. This law entitles injured workers to compensation benefits while looking for medical attention and either the 2/3 of the earning capacity lost because of the injury or an award for injury in particular body parts.

With the incorporated protection of the Jones Act and the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation, the workers at sea and their families are safeguarded from the effects of injury. Through these statutes, they can fully satisfy their fundamental and fulfillment necessities. For more information, check out dol. gov.

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