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A Rundown on What E cigarette is All About

by dnieva

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Smokers are more vulnerable to cancer than any non-smoker. Cigarette, on burning, leaves harmful mixture of various cancer causing chemicals which acts as a slow poison and keeps eating you while you are busy making smoke patterns in air. People often seek support of cigarette thinking it will kill or lessen their tension but in reality it does nothing more than killing your health.


Smokers often lack the will power to quit smoking. Here, alternatives like nicotine patches and e cigarette comes into action. They provide the necessary quota of nicotine which helps a smoker to quit smoking. The most effective and popular is e cigarette.


E cigarette and Research


Various researches indicate that the sophisticated looking cigarette, on burning, releases a mixture of harmful cancer causing chemicals in tobacco smoke. These chemicals are arsenic, formaldehyde, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, acrolein, nitrosamines, polonium-210, tar, cadmium, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrazine, acetaldehyde, and metals such as nickel, cobalt, lead, and beryllium. An e cigarette is the most popular alternative to a tobacco cigarette. An e cigarette can be, any day, preferred over tobacco cigarette because it does not contain any of the above listed hazardous chemicals. Three components, namely, a cartridge, an atomizer, and the power supply constitute an e cigarette.  A cartridge is a reservoir which contains easily vaporizable liquid. An atomizer acts as a heating element which is used to heat the liquid present in the cartridge of an e cigarette. The power supply can be a USB drive, chargeable plug or battery.


In an e cigarette, a cartridge is like an embouchure or cigarette holder that holds the liquid which can be easily vaporized. The cartridge is usually small and disposable with openings at both ends. One end is in smoker’s mouth and other attaches to the atomizer of the e cigarette. A plastic barrier stops the liquid from entering user’s mouth with the help of an absorbent sponge-like material. The liquid, inside the cartridge of an e cigarette, can be a propylene glycerol or glycerin based solution (may or may not contain nicotine). Other flavoring may include vanilla, cola, coffee or chocolate. The liquid, which produces vapor for e cigarette, comes in different flavors and nicotine concentrations. This liquid on burning produces same sensations while smoking e cigarette as felt when smoking a tobacco cigarette. When the liquid in e cigarette depletes, the user may either choose to refill it or replace it with another already filled cartridge. Nicotine free versions of e cigarette are also available.


The atomizer, in an e cigarette, is employed to vaporize the liquid in the cartridge. It is in the center of the three components that constitute the e cigarette. The cartridge is at one end and the power supply is at the other end. The atomizer requires replacement from time to time which adds up the cost of an e cigarette.


To control the expenses of replacing atomizer, manufactures came up with a cartomizer which is an integrated cartridge/atomizer. It can be produced and replaced more cheaply thereby reducing the cost of e cigarette.


An e cigarette also consists of a power supply part. This power supply contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It may also contain a sensor, in case of e cigarette, to trigger activation just by drawing breath from the device.


E cigarette is quite new in market and there’s a question mark on its authenticity.  Manufacturers are still not able to prove that it is harmless. If anyone wants to use e cigarette then they are advised to do their own thorough research before jumping to any conclusion.

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