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Reviewing the Various Nutrients on Normal Food Labels

by jessiehenn

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There is one thing all those cereal boxes and corned beef cans have in common that you can notice when you're pushing that food cart down the aisles of your chosen superstore. You would be correct if you thought about the label on the side showing you all the dietary facts. Those labels tell daily consumers like you what nutrients make up what you're about to put in your cart, letting you make more well informed choices on what you're going to put in your stomach.

Nutritional label system had its origins in England during the 13th century, when the Assize of Bread and Ale started to moderate the sale price, sale size, and content of bread and alcoholic beverages. However, it wasn't till 1991, the year the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act was enforced, when meal manufacturers were required to show the amount of nutrients in their foodstuffs on a per-serving basis. Below are a few of the nutrients you're bound to discover on many food labels.

Found in bread, rice, and legumes (lentils and peanuts, among others), carbs are a major energy source for the human body. Experts suggest that roughly half of a person's calorie consumption must stem from carbs. This must be very carefully monitored however as excessive carbohydrate intake can lead to swift weight gain.


Found in eggs, fish, and poultry, protein is the second most abundant nutrient to be found in the human body. It can also be seen aptly shown on food labels. It is vital for the maintenance of the body to provide fuel for physical activity. The recommended day-to-day consumption, depending on your age, size, and gender, is 40 to 70 grams.


Many a label numbering company takes pains to show this particular statistic. Fats are grouped into unsaturated and saturated fats, the unsaturated generally being the healthier of the two. It ought to make around 30% of your daily intake. It can be found in the likes of olive oil and various vegetables.

For more details on the nutrients listed on the typical food label, feel free to look at Moreover, if you own a food wrapping business and are aiming to cut costs as much as you can, then making use of the web to search for online labels is the way to go. Log on to for more details on online labels. Such sites can aid in making the subject more lucid.

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