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Significant Shades: Types and Characteristics of Colors

by delsiemaidens

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If you’re planning to make a statement through your ride, the color of your vehicle matters. A sports car won’t be as eye-catching and appealing if coated with a dull or plain shade, right? So, if you’re in the process of choosing a new or pre-owned vehicle at your local dealership, here are some classifications of auto colors that you might like to consider:

Zen Colors

Psychologists and other researchers have proven that colors have a psychological impact on a person. The color of your car can reflect your disposition and can also affect the way others perceive you on the road. For example, blue and green colors communicate serenity and calmness which is ideal for light vehicles, whereas red exudes power and passion which goes well with most high-performance autos.

Classic Colors

Should you want a vintage car, opt for classic colors such as black, brown, and tan. After all, driving a restored vintage car painted in bright, modern colors kind of goes against the very concept of “vintage.” Classic colors are usually neutral and can give an elegant appeal even to latest car models.

Popular Colors

Based on a study sponsored by Ford, silver and grey are the most popular hues for Canadian car buyers. However, if you’re shopping at Oakville used cars dealerships, you’re more likely to spot black cars. Why? It’s because study results revealed that Ontario residents have the largest percentage of black cars, and are less likely to pick a blue one. But to give you other options, other preferred colors by drivers are white, green, and red.

Combined Colors

If you want more than one shade, you can check out vehicles with two-tone paint schemes in Oakville used cars dealers’ lots. Combinations of primary and neutral colors are your safest best when picking out a dual-colored car. These days, orange and copper are gaining popularity for two-tone paint jobs.

When you find it difficult to decide on the right color, Oakville car dealers would be more than happy to give you their recommendations and opinion. Just make sure that you choose a dealership that’s been in the business long enough to identify trends and determine customer needs. For more tips and information, you can visit

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