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Cosmetic surgery like rhinoplasty is very cheap in India

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Nowadays people are becoming more concerned about their looks. Every man and woman wants to look perfect whether it’s about their hair, face, height, physique, etc. Affordable cosmetic surgery options in India have given a boost to their dreams. One of the most-sought -after surgery is rhinoplasty or nose jobs. It is a process of restructuring and reshaping of the nose with the help of medical surgeries. People with nose deformations can conveniently change the way their nose looks. For instance a fat nose can appear smaller while a small nose can look bigger. Closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty are two ways of performing nose jobs.

In the entire procedure a facial plastic surgeon creates a functional aesthetic and facially proportionate nose by separating the nasal skin and the soft tissues from the nasal fame work. It is then corrected as required by the patient and its form and functions are restored as it is. With the use of advanced techniques, the cartilage of the nose can be changed and dissected completely. A non-surgical rhinoplasty is carried out by injecting filler injections to alter the shape of the nose without any invasive surgery. Following restructuring is possible by using this type of surgery like –

  • A bone silicone implant is added to elevate a depressed nose.
  • Any hump in the structure can be removed.
  • The nose tip can be reshaped and polished
  • Narrowing of nasal bones can be done
  • Size of the nostrils can be reduced.
  • Tip of the nose can be elevated.
  • Base of the nose can be narrowed.

Incisions for restructuring the nose frame are made inside the nose and the entire procedure is carried out carefully. So there are hardly any visible marks of the surgery left after rhinoplasty is performed. It is quick and there is no need of the patient to stay in the hospital, in fact he can leave on the day operation is performed. This procedure is a boon for people born with nasal defects and deformities. There are less risk factor involved in cosmetic surgery of the nose, although infections and bleeding can occur in some cases. This type of cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity in India and are available at very affordable prices in all leading hospitals in the country. Many Indians are happy with their new noses and high efficiency with quick recovery period.


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