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Adjustable gastric banding is a popular bariatric surgery

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Today the numbers of obese people are increasing at a good rate in India. More and more Indians have started eating and accepting the junk food culture from western countries. There are many people who have BMI levels higher than 35 in Indian Metro cities. If a person has a BMI value or Body Mass Index value greater than 40, then he is suffering from a condition called ‘morbid obesity’. This condition arises mainly due to over-eating junk and fast processed foods. There are some people who think obesity is just related to looks and increasing waist size, but the fact is excess fat slowly starts affecting other parts of the body and eventually result into death. In India or worldwide doctors recommend bariatric surgery for immediate weight loss to save a patient’s life. There are many different types of weight loss surgeries conducted to reach set targets. One of the most popular types of bariatric surgery in India is conducted by adjustable gastric banding method.


In this method a silicon band is inserted and tied at the opening of the stomach. This in turn results into smaller stomach opening restricting food intake in the body. Thus, the stomach gets filled quickly and the amount of calories absorbed also decreases with the food intake. This restriction ultimately results into weight loss of the morbidly obese patient in a few months after the surgery. This band is adjustable and can be adjusted or removed after some time. There are many advantages of this procedure. First it is conducted with the help of a medical tool called laparoscope, which requires small incisions in the body. Stitches are less and the patient recovers soon. This bariatric surgery is simple to perform and safe than other gastric bypass methods. Since the band is connected to an opening just beneath the skin in the abdomen, the band can be easily loosened or tightened in less time.

Although all bariatric surgery methods that are being used in India or worldwide have certain risk factors involved with them. In adjustable gastric banding risks like slippage of the band or internal infections are involved. All these risks become less if the surgery is carried out by a qualified surgeon who has enough experience in these kinds of surgeries. All these risk factors should be explained to the patient prior going for any type of weight loss surgery.

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