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Some Details You Should Learn about Thermal Printers

by benitabolland

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If you are a career person or an easy urban inhabitant, possibly you don't recognize that you are always handling thermal printers. When you shop for groceries or withdraw cash from an ATM, the gadget utilized to print out the receipts for these financial transactions uses thermal printers. Thermal printers are also used to print images from ultrasound scans and for older kinds of facsimiles.

There are two significant sorts of thermal printers: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers make use of heat rather than toners or ink. Heat is put on heat-sensitive paper by employing a print head containing many pins. These pins are heated in a pattern that either triggers heat-sensitive chemicals in the paper or smolders the paper to print the text or illustration.

Meanwhile, thermal transfer printers use a waxed ribbon put between the print head and the smudge-free printing material. As with direct thermal printers, heat is applied, but this time its purpose is to melt the wax and transfer it onto the paper, producing the required text or image. This kind of printer is generally used for printing bar codes and labels.

Both types of printers offer the advantage of low-maintenance and cost-efficient printing; although you may have to occasionally alter the waxed ribbon or printing head especially after extended use. Possibly one of the most applied printers is the receipt printer for point of sale or POS transactions. The Epson Receipt Printer is especially made for hectic retail shops such as retail stores and superstores.

The Zebra Thermal Printer, meanwhile, is an industry pioneer when it concerns bar code printing applications. Zebra Technologies also delivers a line of mobile thermal printers with wireless connectivity that can print bar codes as had to track stocks in delivery, shipping, and other applications. These printers are lightweight and are usually just four inches wide.

The Zebra Thermal Printer is also a leading brand when it comes to printing RFIDs or radio frequency identification tags. Some grocery store chains use RFID technology; shoppers no longer have to wait in line and look at their purchases, as RFID allows the tracking of all the products put in the cart; the total bill will be deducted from a savings account or credit card. To learn more, visit

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