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Water Filters

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Buying a Water Filter is A WISE Investment in your Health don’t Hesitate to Rejuvenate


This might have happened to you - you walked into kitchen to drink water, filled your glass and raised it to your lips, suddenly, you are overwhelmed by a filthy odour. Are you going to put that water into your stomach?

We all want our water to taste and smell great, but often the water, we use is less than perfect, and this is where a water filter can help. Water purifiers are necessary for ensuring the health of your family, pets and even plants. With over 2100 toxic chemicals in tap water, it is, evidently, not safe to drink water flowing out from the kitchen tap. Purifiers are available in a variety of forms and sizes in order to cater your specific needs. Continue reading to find out which purification systems are most effective and what all to check before investing in it.

Most Efficient Home Water Purifiers

Deciding to purchase water purifier is an easy part; the difficult part is deciding which one to take home. Certainly, not all drinking water purifiers are built equal. While utilizing any filter is much better than not utilizing any at all. Therefore, using the most efficient purification system will deliver the maximum benefit for your health and well-being.

The types of systems, which are least effective, are pour-through filters and pitchers. Such systems produce the lowest quality of water, and the long-term expenses can add up rapidly, as the purifiers need to be replaced often. The top-notch quality filters make use of a multi-stage procedure of filtration. These systems remove turbidity, sediment and chlorine as the basic step. The next step is to remove the more stubborn and hard contaminants; sub micron filtration absorbs all molecules as well as particles as 0.5 micron.

Some filtration components only have a sole purifier to remove all the impurities and contaminants present in the water. These devices are inefficient because one filter cannot remove all harmful contaminants effectively.

You will need to find out a system, which removes the harmful particles in the water, but leaves in the health-benefiting alkaline minerals. Natural occurring trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium are all essential for the human body to function optimally. A purification mechanism (reverse osmosis and distillers) that washes away these trace minerals can result in mineral deficiencies. Therefore, you need to consider few important things, while purchasing a home purifier.

Here are a few variables you must consider for selecting the best purifier.

  • Review the list of chemicals and contaminants, the filter is capable enough to remove. A good system must be able to remove organic contaminants, like, bacteria and cysts; synthetic contaminants, like, drugs; and chemical contaminants, like, pesticides.

  • Ensure the system does not change the natural form of water and eradicate vital living crystal minerals. In case, you end up purchasing this kind of filter. Therefore, you must take supplements to prevent mineral deficiencies.

  • Water Ionizers are great filters and health devises as well. They remove contaminates and then produce healthy ionized alkaline water for wellness, weight-loss and anti-aging. Researching a particular filtering system or water ionizer in advance can save you a headache.

  • Check the warranty of a these purification systems.

  • Inquire about the size and ease of installation of the filter. You would definitely avoid opting for a system, which is extremely bulky and consumes too much space.

  • Finally, check out the expenses of maintaining a purifier or water ionizer. Avoid purchasing a water filter with a low price tag that demands a tremendous amount of maintenance. Find a system that boasts of a reasonable price and is easy to maintain in the long term.

Home water filtration such as a water ionizer is an Investment in your family’s long term health. Like any investment, good quality water filters that create living crystal alkaline water will pay bigger dividends in your health in the long term. For more information visit

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