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Treating Back Pain and Spinal Problems with Chiropractic

by felixworley

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Back pains are troublesome to deal with, not only because of the soreness one experiences, but primarily because of how the pain interferes with basic and even simple daily chores. A person who experiences back pains has limited strength and flexibility, and is ultimately hindered to live life to his full capacity. Sports and routine activities may slowly become a challenge to a person with back pain; however this problem may be alleviated through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is generally a manual manipulation of the spine, and it comes from the Greek words cheir and praxis, meaning hand and action, respectively. Being “done by hand”, chiropractic doesn’t use drugs or any form of surgery. Chiropractic purely involves the manual treatments of the spine and joints, as well as physiotherapy, corrective exercises, massage therapy, and even lifestyle advice. Chiropractic can address various skeletal problems like scoliosis and slipped disc.

Scoliosis is known as an idiopathic disease because its cause is unknown. This condition is more common in females and begins to develop in childhood. Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine, and can be treated to prevent worsening over time. Chiropractic treatment is ideal for children with scoliosis, so it may be helpful to bring your child for a diagnosis.

Slipped Disc, a low back injury, is characterized by herniated discs that bulge out from between the bone. Pain from a slipped disc results from a tear in the outer layer of the herniated disc which releases irritating substances, or if the fragment compresses a nearby nerve. This injury is most common to people ages 30 to 40, and likewise can be treated with chiropractic.

Milton, a metropolis in Santa Rosa County Florida, is located 18 miles northeast of Pensacola City. This area benefits from easy access to nearby communities which it shares with Pensacola. Popular attractions include the Blackwater River State Park and Henderson Beach State Park. Milton has humble population of over 7,000, most of which seek treatment from their trusted Milton chiropractor.

Your Milton chiropractor will perform an initial diagnosis to determine the condition of your spine. He will then use various chiropractic techniques to correct subluxation or misalignment of bones in the spine. Chiropractic will restore the vertebra to its proper position to alleviate the pain and help the body regain normal functions.

There are many other skeletal problems that chiropractic care can address, and even if you recently suffered from an injury, chiropractic treatment can help speed up recovery. You can consult the chiropractor Milton residents rely on to know more about how he can free you from back pain and improve overall well-being. To know more about chiropractic, visit

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