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2 million cloud computing jobs in India due to cloud computi

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According to a recent study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by the IDC, there will be around 2 million cloud computing jobs in India by the year 2015. Gradually, cloud computing services in India have been appreciated and adopted by many companies and is spreading his wings all over the world. Cloud computing is having a golden run not only in India but all round the world. It is expected that around 14, million jobs are going to be generated all over the world.

There has been a misconception with the peoples that cloud computing services in India will cut the jobs, and unemployment will raise, rather it has created a lot of opportunities, and it’s a sign of relief for students and professionals belonging to the IT industry. Cloud computing has started a revolution as it has increased the standard of the IT Infrastructure, services, flexibility and support.

To assist the IT industry with its troubles, Indian Institute of job training, launched a new course on cloud computing jobs in India called the IT infrastructure management specialist course (ITIM). Qualified Students or IT professionals interested in cloud computing jobs can complete the course and can apply for jobs involving data management and storage management. Cloud computing services in India are going to increase day by day, and many small-scale industries have also started to move their business to the clouds.

So, when the job opportunity in this sector increases it will help and enable the youth of India to compete at a bigger platform to develop, and they will be able to contest with the outside world. To get a cloud computing job you need to complete a course from ITIM, course duration is about 10months; students having completed their 10+2 along with A+ and N+ are eligible for this course.

The rapid development of data being generated, advances in Virtualization and cloud computing and the conjunction of data center infrastructures are generating high demand for skilled IT specialists. Cloud computing services in India are in heavy demand today. However, since last 4 to 5 years, due to lack of awareness among the common man, students, professionals and also the entrepreneurs, we are lagging behind the western market in this field.

However, time has changed now, and we had a good market for overall exposure, many companies from US and UK are offering cloud computing jobs in India. They are very much interested in investing and doing business with the Indian IT market, and of course, know the fact that India has one of the biggest IT markets around the world.

Just like the mobile phone revolution in India took place some 10 years ago, cloud computing services in India are on the same path and have started to grow bigger. Soon people are going to be crazy about this technology and with the increased use of this technology it will bring advancement in every single field of a human life and huge number of cloud computing jobs in India is going to be created. And at last India is going to gain a lot from this technology.


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