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Resolving 'Msaccess can't open the table' error an

by Golvin

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MDB files are database files created by Microsoft Access, a pseudo-relational database management application which comes rolled up in MS Office suite of applications. MDB files often become corrupt due to factors like sudden power surges, improper system shutdown, poor database structure and others. These factors are responsible for forcing an Access database to exhibit abrupt behavior. If your crucial Access database file becomes corrupt despite the preventive measures you have observed, consider using the clean and updated backup copy. If a backup doesn't prove helpful or is not available due to any reason, you must think about using professional MDB repair software. These solutions help in repairing MDB files and ensure that data loss is minimized.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you are using an Access 2000 database in a multi-user environment. When you make an attempt to open a table, a query or a report from the database, which is stored on a network, you might receive the following error message:

"Record is deleted"

If the object is a table or query, you might also receive another error message which goes like:

"Msaccess can't open the table in datasheet view. "

As a result of the error message, you cannot access information from the Access 2000 database.

The error message can be encountered with an Access 2000 database due to the presence of a damaged object. Another prominent reason could be corrupt MDB file. The MDB file can become damaged when using an Access database two users try to modify a same record simultaneously and one of them quits the application unexpectedly or abruptly.

To repair MDB file, you must observe the following steps:

  • Go to Tools menu, in the Database Utilities, click Compact and Repair Database option
  • Locate and click the affected MDB file in the Database to Compact from dialog box, and click Compact
  • In the Compact Database Into box, choose a location for the new file and punch in a unique name in the File name box, and click Save.

If the MDB file is severely corrupt, you might not be able to address the problem by using the above-discussed method. In order to repair MDB file successfully, you must rely upon a specialized third-party application.

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