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DUI Charge? Did You Know You Have at Least Three Legal Actio

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Have you been charged with DUI? Are you aware that without a lawyer, it’s virtually impossible to negotiate all the impending legal actions that await you due to the laws of Florida? Following a DUI, most drivers are most concerned with how the drunk driving charge can potentially affect them.  

Such concern is understandable; however, if the accused wishes to request a hearing to review the automatic driver’s license suspension required by Florida law, there is a 10-day window of opportunity. With all of the logistics involved in filing the request, it is virtually impossible to request the review without the assistance of a lawyer.  

In addition to the DUI charge and the suspension hearing, however, if you are facing a DUI charge, it’s likely that you were also cited for at least one other violation. That is, in order for a law enforcement officer to pull you over in the first place, an observable traffic offense had to occur. Perhaps your front headlight was burnt out, you were speeding, or you did not stop prior to the white line at a stop sign. At any rate, whatever the initial offense, you most likely have a ticket for the alleged initial violation.

Unless you are absolutely resigned to pleading guilty to the DUI and the other offense, having your license suspended, and possibly spending time in jail in addition to paying fines and court fees, you will want a knowledgeable lawyer at your side before entering any Florida courtroom on a DUI charge. Sometimes a defendant who has watched a few too many law shows on TV gets the idea that a self-defense for a DUI is possible. However much self-representation may be allowed by law, it is certainly not advisable since it is so rarely successful. The fact is that without the help of a trained and experienced lawyer, a conviction is almost inevitable.  

The hearings, pre-trial motions, and court appearances that can be involved in Florida DUI cases could be easy for a defendant to get confused about or overwhelmed by and fail to appear, but your lawyer will stay on top of all legal proceedings so that you can always put your best—and smartest—foot forward when it comes to the courts. With so much at stake, having a DUI lawyer in Florida who has a successful track record of handling drunk driving cases will give you peace of mind that you have someone with the necessary expertise fighting on your behalf.  

Do not let your DUI charge rob you of your freedom and your livelihood. Consult with a DUI lawyer in Florida and get the help you need before your court dates to get the protection and the help that you need.  

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