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Magento Useful For Ecommerce

by anonymous

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Magento is very important tool of Ecommerce web platform in the whole world and everybody like to develop an Ecommerce web platform based on Magento. In Magento there are many features available which are not available in other CMS functionality so that’s why everybody love to choose Magento platform for their Ecommerce stores. Magento is PHP most popular object-oriented platform that is mostly used to create modern application for web development that can integrate the most effectively features in the Ecommerce by using Magento.

Magento was launched on 31st March 2008, it basically starts as an Open Source Software for Ecommerce applications. Magento basically started by Varien by the help of programmers but now a downs its totally owned by the Magento Inc. It was generally develop by using Zend Framework to store all the data by using D.B Model.

Features of Magento:-

. It’s very strongest Ecommerce tool when anybody wants to present the products they can easily develop the products fixtures and they can easily manage the catalog. If anybody wants to add more images in the same catalog products, they can review the product and also create the wish list of catalog. It also allow the users to browse the product, filter the products and they can also compare the product from the existing list.

. The other main important features of Magento it has one great option of Customer Service. Client can grant their customers to create the user account individually where the Admin panel can easily track the users history and contact through forums.

. Magento can easily integrate into the Google accounts and client can easily use its all the option for analyzing the customers report on their existing website and optimize for the better feedback. Client can also use SEO services of Magento for optimizing the Magento website SEO friendly so that the users can easily find the website on the internet by any search on Google, Yahoo etc.

. It also allow client to use any other ttols where they can easily organize the price and use codes for coupons etc. In this modern era there are several website which offers very special or attractive themes of magento for free or paid where the clients can easily create their Online websites/stores within a short span of time and start the business very easy at very low cost.

The Other Factors which Makes Magento very Attractive than other Open-source:-

The Major concern or we can say Major issue in now a day is “Budget”. Everyone wants to create an unlimited number features for their e-commerce websites but they have budget constraints. As for those clients who have very low budget and need all important features of ecommerce websites they need to use Magento themes/open-source scripts where they can select the themes on the Magento main websites and download the free or paid scripts. They will get the login credentials and integrate that script from the I.T outsourced company. But again there is not easy to find the good developers on low cost.

1) Planning:-To create the e-commerce sites it requires a lot of preplanning and attention to provide all the relevant details, if client wants an online business very seriously so that they need to accept that they would have budget in their pocket to analyze the ideas, market, and business terms so that they can analyze the best result from online customers through their online ecommerce website where they can sell their products to the customers online.

2) Specific:- After developed the online website in Magento the website will produce a specific doc. that is also used by the website itself. In the Magento projects users can easily do editing and update the features when needed in their website. Later, if client wants to sell their website to other person then the users can also sell the website to the other users by proving all the relevant information like Source code, Admin panel credentials etc.

3) Designing:- It’s the major concern of Magento website where the budget goes high where client prefers more graphic and flash designs, it is also the important part & needs of the current time where the clients prefer Eye-catchy designs from which the users/customers will get attracted towards the website in very highly rate.

4) Website Development:- This stage is very important stage of the project phases also it is the very wide term of the project work which involves website designing, content development, n/w security and configuration of the other features. It usually depend on the client what kind of development he requires for his website it all depends on the client budget. If client has good budget than he can easily get the better result of good Online store through which he/she can earn the money in high range.

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