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Roofing System Components that Need Maintenance

by brendangertner

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Roofing systems in British Columbia need to be strong and tough to protect the property and its residents for several years on end. While the province does have a significantly milder climate than the rest of the Canada due to the protective shield of its mountainous land, British Columbia experiences heavy precipitation. The long winter is incredibly rainy while the short summers are very dry.

These weather changes throughout the year can lead to notable danger signs that any homeowner will notice on their roofing systems. Their shingles can crack, curl, or even split. The interior wall and ceiling may leak especially after a rain; or in spring, when the snow melts. Utility bills follow suit and increase because of the need to frequently turn up the HVAC system to keep the home interior comfortable.

To adequately address roofing concerns, select suitable shingles for one's home. Asphalt shingles are often the preferred roofing materials in the market because these are as strong and waterproof as they are beautiful. Made with fiberglass covered with asphalt and granules, these can drain rainwater quickly and keep out moisture.

Any BC roofing company is aware of the climate elements that can affect the integrity of a roofing system, so protection needs to start from the inside out. The roof deck, the layer between the trusses and joints and the shingles need to be tough and waterproof. The roof deck is protected with tough underlay that keeps out moisture and allows water to run flow freely.

Good ventilation is a priority for any roofing company in BC to make residents comfortable in any weather. Ventilation pipes need to be tough to keep water from leaking. Good ventilation also keeps snow from melting into ice dams, which can cause roofs to wear off more easily.

Vent pipes, dormers, and chimneys need to be equipped with good, clean flashing from a reliable Surrey roofing company residents prefer to work with. An adequate flashing keeps pests from infesting the roof from under the shingles. A gutter system also needs to sturdy and regularly maintained to prevent ice dams. For more information on roofing, visit

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