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Getting Acquainted with the Benefits of Stow 'n Go Minivans

by carsonwininger

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When you finally had enough money saved from your very first job, the first thing you bought was a sports utility vehicle. However, several years down the road, you have a family to consider. With two toddlers growing at a rapid rate, you know it's time you give up your precious SUV and think about a vehicle that is better suited for your family's needs.

Perhaps you can consider purchasing a minivan, a vehicle designed with family-oriented people like you in mind. The very first minivan was created in 1935 by William Stout, who wanted to provide consumers a vehicle with enough passenger space. But it wasn't until 1950 when it was recognized thanks to the introduction of Volkswagen Type 2, which then inspired the launch of Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier 10 years later.

It was during the 1980s when the minivan's popularity really took off, and dealerships everywhere enjoyed brisk sales of minivans. These vehicles enticed people with their spaciousness, comfortably accommodating up to seven passengers. They also feature large storage capacity, so they are ideal for making trips to do the grocery in between the kids' soccer practice.

One minivan that's popular with motorists is the Dodge Caravan. The Dodge Caravan makes use of several technological innovations to provide comfortable seating to families. This type of vehicle is also referred to as a Stow 'n Go minivan as the second and third row seats can be folded onto the floor for a much larger storage capacity.

Whether you decide to buy a brand new or a used Caravan like the 2010 model, you can enjoy the innovative seating perfect for medium-size families like yours. Meanwhile, another popular feature of this vehicle is the Swivel 'n Go seating, where the second-row chairs spin to the rear, and there's a pull-out table between the second and third row where passengers can face each other. This feature is perfect to keep your kids entertained while on the road.

A Stow 'n Go minivan like the Dodge Caravan also guarantees safe and stable driving on the road because of its electronic stability feature. If you often go on long road trips with your kids and their friends in tow, a minivan is definitely a good option for you. For more information, visit

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