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Burners of Assorted Sizes for Diverse Applications

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Try to recall those laboratory experiments in science class; the Bunsen burner was one of those tools that were routinely utilized. The Bunsen burner is a smallish apparatus which includes a cylindrical tube resting on a round rack. The fire it makes can be controlled as it burns by adjusting the tube. The Bunsen burner is one example of a simple instrument that can generate a single open gas fire which could be used for sterilization, heating, and burning.

Now, imagine a Bunsen burner that’s around 10 times the size of this modest equipment. This massive burner is used by numerous industries for bigger scale work. Some employ industrial-type burners for metalwork, the production of dental pieces, and jewelry making. Others are employed by diverse sectors to heat chemical substances, metals, and glass for various uses. While there are a lot of burners of various dimensions being used in many fields, this write-up will discuss the four most frequently used ones.

Pipe Burners with Venturi Air Mixers: Pipe burners are an effective technique to heat processing cookers, ovens and tanks. They present a standard heat provider that can heat massive, square, rectangle-shaped, or specialty tanks. Pipe burners with venturi air mixers are often used as oxide tanks, casting ovens, and are also employed as BBQ burners and bakery ovens.

Rectangular Burners: Rectangular burners are normally meant for heating cleaning tanks, vats, and cookers. These devices can outperform even mass-produced burners stamped from sheet metal--especially if they are conditioned to resist radiated heat or high temperatures. Rectangle burners tend to be designed for applications like kettle heating, vat heating, tank heating, and metal heating. On a greater scale, they’re applied as plating tanks, industrial boilers, along with food processing and heat exchangers.

Raised Port Multi-ring Burners: This form of gas burner can be detailed as a heavy duty burner. Raised Port Multi-ring Burners are best for industrial applications where resistance to high ambient and radiated heat is vital. Raised Port Multi-ring Burners are also utilized to melt metals such as lead or for heating tanks. These apparatuses are often employed in zinc melting furnaces, die casting furnaces, and evaporators.

Venturi High Pressure Nozzle Burners: This high-pressure nozzle is much like the venturi burner since it releases a forceful yet effective torch flame by using high pressure gas. Venturi High Pressure Nozzle Burners give rapid, extreme heat without needing blowers or intricate piping. It is commonly used for flame treating, heat treating ovens, foundry equipment, and ceramics.

One important matter pertaining to these burners is they could be manufactured in different dimensions determined by the industry specifics. Likewise, reliable corporations can make custom-sized industry burners. Read more about venturi and industrial burners at

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