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Four Myths about Document Shredding You Should Know

by rubybadcoe

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With crimes such as identity theft and fraud on the rise, organizations like the Federal Trade Commission have imposed laws regarding the shredding and incineration of vital business documents. This is to ensure that nosy people and prying competitors won’t get away with such crimes. Meanwhile, you are probably already aware of the importance of document shredding. However, to err on the side of caution, here are the top five shredding myths you should be wary of.

No one’s going to rummage through your dumpster.

Has anyone ever told you that it’s okay to dump your documents in the garbage can or in a dumpster? If this is how you’ve been disposing your files and records all along, then you’ve been misled. Once you dump vital documents in the can, it’s considered to be public property by the Supreme Court. Worse, there could be ‘dumpster divers’ waiting to take advantage of the situation and use the information to ruin your company.

It’s ideal to keep multiple records.

You probably have multiple copies of documents in your office for reference purposes or to keep tabs on your tax records, but there’s a risk involved when you hoard documents way past their usefulness. For one thing, they could be stolen and you might find yourself a victim of information theft. As a preventive method, it is recommended that you observe a retention policy—this includes regular shredding of expired documents.

Buying a shredder is more affordable.

It may seem like buying shredding equipment is cost-effective, but there are other expenses that you have to consider. A single shredder requires constant maintenance to run properly and efficiently. Hiring shredding companies in Los Angeles, on the other hand, could help you save on time and cost as the job will be completed in a few minutes by professionals who utilize top-of-the-line shredders.

Your employees will religiously shred.

With the already overwhelming bulk of work, it’s not very practical to expect employees to observe document shredding procedures without fail. The office is a busy workplace and oftentimes employees end up forgetting even the most basic of things. It’s better to hire shredding companies in Los Angeles to do the job as they can guarantee that the work will be done efficiently without any breaches.

As a responsible business owner, it is highly advisable that you hire shredding companies in Los Angeles to ensure the protection of valuable information. This way, you are also prioritizing the security of your company, your employees, and your clients. Visit for more information.

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