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Roof Elements and Their Architectural Uses

by lenorelung

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A roofing system over your head—among the many things your mom and dad tell you to be thankful for, yet in some way among the many things you overlook. You’ll find out that it’s not possible to imagine a home without a roofing. The reason for that is we need them to live and function pleasantly, whether in the home or in the office. Without one your house would have no protection against the natural elements and your health in general would be much worse.

Man has been utilizing roofing systems to cover their properties because the very concept of shelter was around. The original roofs were made of animal hides such as wooly mammoths and plant material like reeds and branches. As time passed roof construction procedures and materials worldwide grew more superior. The ancient Chinese, for one, were utilizing clay tiles back in 10,000 BC. This would be rediscovered and applied in early 13th century by King John of England, who ordered all house owners to replace their combustible wood and straw roofs with clay tiles.

At this time there are dozens of roof types a would-be property owner can choose from, and even more forms of material he can choose for his roof to be constructed with. Those materials include steel, concrete, asphalt, and even plastic and rubber. Let’s have a peek at a few well-liked roof types and what composes them.

One of the earliest roofing types still in use is the thatched roof. These are made from various kinds of vegetation such as heather, reeds, or straw like the English of King John’s time. They were frequently utilized by commoners for their low cost and easy accessibility, although they were quite simple to set ablaze.

Another more contemporary kind of roof is the concrete roof. Ask any number of Chattanooga roofers and for the most part, they’ll show you that concrete is superior to wood because of its heat resistance, low maintenance, and toughness. It can also be built to appear like other roof types while avoiding the problems that come from making use of the real material (weight, for example). Basically: all the beauty, none of the trouble.

But as it pertains to the best materials in roofing Chattanooga (among other locations) can supply, almost none can meet or exceed metal roofs. Many house owners favor them for their heat-reflective attributes, which in return translates to lower energy expenses and lower utility bills. They’re also lightweight and uncomplicated to set up. It’s not unusual to basically set up the new metal roof on top of the old one.

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