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Designs for Meeting Spaces in Your Washington DC Enterprise

by blakemitchell

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There's more to a meeting room than being just a location where individuals gather around to exchange info, talk about business methodology, and remedy business issues. Such a place must be both compelling enough to emphasize the meeting's value upon everyone involved and comfortable enough for people to open up their ideas. When selecting a meeting room, ensure that the style is appropriate to the purpose of the meeting.

Conference Style

Also known as the boardroom style, this is probably the most typical meeting room design. Participants are seated on three sides of the table, with the speaker at the head. This is an excellent design for meetings where individuals are expected to interact with each other. It's also optimal for small food and beverage functions.

Banquet Style

This is similar to the conference design, with the exception that tables are round instead of rectangular. This is a perfect setup for smaller meetings, where all the individuals are on equal footing. Compared to the conference configuration, however, this design is more appropriate for luncheons.

Crescent Style

Individuals are seated at round tables, where they face the speaker in such a manner that forms a crescent. This setup works best when the meeting involves a presentation that takes place after a meal. You'll also see this setup at events where film demonstrations, performances, and some other kinds of entertainment exist. If you want staff members to brainstorm ideas while divided into small groups, you'll deem this setup practical.

U-shape Style

As the name implies, individuals sit outside tables arranged to form the letter U in this specific style of meeting rooms Washington DC businesses can have. If a small meeting asks for audiovisual presentations with adequate communication among participants, such as Board of Director meetings, this would be a great style. Groups greater than 25 people, however, may not effectively accommodate everyone as the U-shape design may be expanded too long, and the individuals near the U's bottom may be too far from the speaker.

Classroom Style

The name for this design of meeting rooms Washington DC sums it up. Rows of tables are set, with the chairs facing the front of the office. Like the setup for college lectures, this is ideal for meetings where a lot of involvement and note-taking is needed.

There are many other means to design business meeting rooms Washington DC. Do not forget to consider the facilities, how the meeting room meshes with the rest of the office, your spending plan, and additional elements when you create a meeting room. For more information on meeting room configurations, review

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