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Enhancing Your Employee’s Customer Service Skills

by anonymous

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When computers came out, they were too expensive for the average person. Now, computers are just about everywhere, from homes, to offices, to institutions. In fact, it would be quite impossible to handle efficiently vast volume of data people have to deal with everyday without computers.


One important field where computers have made a huge impact is in accounting. Accounting is crucial for any business; without it, a company runs the risk of going bankrupt. Accounting exists to keep track of financial assets, transactions, and liabilities. Sound finances and sound financial management keep companies afloat; to manage staying afloat, a company needs excellent accounting procedures.


Running a business is not everybody’s piece of cake; constant changes in the market and in business trends means that companies must adapt their finances to the new situation. Adaptability won’t be possible if your company relies on traditional accounting procedures where everything is done manually; the very act of encoding data for hours on end means a significant loss of productivity for your company, something which could have been used elsewhere.


Given today’s technology, one cannot imagine accountants of a company rummaging through knee-high papers for a certain dealer’s records – who, so it happens, is currently on the phone angrily demanding his items be delivered. Fortunately, this scenario became less common with the advent of accounting software. Accounting software allows accounting procedures to be streamlined; as such, data can now be easily recorded in minutes or seconds with a couple of mouse clicks and keyboard punches.


A particularly effective accounting program is the MAS90 software, also known as Sage MAS90.

Sage MAS90 was first offered in the market in the mid-1980s by a company called State of the Art, Inc. MAS90 stands for Master Accounting Series for the 90’s – the program primarily targets the wholesale distribution industry, but through the years undergone enhancements that made it suitable for other industries as well.


On the other hand, some companies prefer the Sage MAS 200. This program, developed by the same company, has the capability to store data relating to financial transactions, inventory lists of a business, sales tracking, customer invoices, project management, and other accounting capabilities. Its popularity stems primarily from its convenience and time-saving features.


To better equip their employees, companies sponsor them to undergo MAS training in certain institutions. The employees undergo training sessions, with the end goal of honing their skills in the use of various accounting software. Find out more about this subject on


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