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Why Slate Roofs Provide Excellent Protection

by rufusmcclure

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Minnesota residents with hefty bank accounts can trust a roof material such as slate to literally last a lifetime. A number of shale-type sedimentary rocks, made of clay or volcanic ash, create slate, a foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock. This natural stone is skillfully cut in mines by hammering with a particular tool, hence forming flat slabs. Slate colors range from shades of gray, purple, green, and cyan and are also available in different thicknesses.

Slate’s most outstanding quality is its great durability and strength, because it’s proven to last more than a hundred years. This roof material has been used for centuries for its distinct qualities; as historical records prove, slate has the potential to endure everything nature can bring on. This makes slate unequaled by other roofing materials, which are lucky to last 20 years before needing replacement.

Slate is an ideal roof material for it has an extremely low water absorption index, rendering it highly-resistant to freeze damage. Likewise, slate offers great fire resistance, because the material is completely non-combustible. This is an essential edge for this keeps fires from airborne sparks caused by wildfires, fireworks, and nearby house fires.

This natural and highly-aesthetic roof is likewise environment-friendly as it doesn’t account for roofing wastes sent to landfills each year. Because slate is highly durable, you don’t have to change your roofing until the next lifetime. If you’re thinking about slate as an appropriate material for your house, you may consult your local contractor and they will also be delighted to propose additional types you can choose from.

The roofing contractor Minneapolis homeowners can rely on provides a wide selection that clients may choose from. As they are familiar with the typical Minnesota climate conditions, roofers give specialized types of materials. These include the EPDM rubber roofing membrane, White TPO and PVC reflective roofs, green or living roofs and traditional gravel roofs and energy-efficient and impact resistant roofs. A few high quality brands offered by contractors include GAF and GenFlex Carlisle SynTec, and Firestone.

When you have a predicament with your roofing, you may rely on the roof repair Minneapolis contractors give. Through their services, residents can maintain their roof for several more years. Quality contractors from Minnesota give an honest assessment, and advise you whether you need a repair or a rebuild. Whatever service you require, you can trust great suggestions, making home improvement a simple and stress-free experience.

The roofing contractors St Paul MN residents may depend on give all types of roof repair and replacements. Homeowners can depend on shingle replacements, leak stoppage, snow and ice removal as well as a 24-hour on-call service. If you want to know more on slate roofing, you may browse

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