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Frameless shower kits make your bathroom look elegant

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Bathroom designing and upgrading is the latest trend. Everybody wants a bathroom, which is good looking, clean and made of latest accessories and furniture. Shower kits are in great demand these days; there are numerous types of shower enclosures available. They give a completely new look to your bathroom space in no time. There are many types of shower enclosures to choose from. Like there are shower kits, which contains shower screen, shower tray, shower panels and frame-less shower doors and enclosures.  Frame-less shower enclosures are most preferred for their looks and the kind of elegance they add to the entire set up.

These frame-less shower kits are completely made of glass panels without any use of metal framework. The glass panels are fused or held together by the use of strong waterproof adhesives. Although they may look fragile and delicate, these enclosures are quite strong and durable. They are built with glass panels as thick as 13 mm giving the entire unit an added strength. These shower enclosures are very easy to set up. Depending on one’s choice its direction can be changed easily and if you are planning to install it in your current position, it will be more convenient since there will be no need of new pipe connections and plumbing hassles. This type of shower enclosure is fitted with heavy-duty, non corrosive hinges, which are extremely strong and hard to damage. A frame-less shower enclosure will not only add glamour to your usual bathroom, but also make it look more spacious and bigger in size. These glass panels come in various sizes and styles like plain, patterned and colored.

It is also high on flexibility front. Easy set up and limited space adaptability features ensure that it seamlessly fits into any bathroom no matter what its décor is like. If you are in mood of adding some fun to your bathroom, you can also try with glass etching techniques. You can also customize them by giving a personal touch like etching a pop bands name, football team’s name or actor’s name on the glass. Bathroom is one of the most used areas of any household it therefore, becomes difficult to maintain and keep it shining all the time. The frame-less shower enclosures are not only elegant and stylish, but they are also easy to maintain. With this type of shower enclosure you are ensuring a tidier and germ free environment for your family’s everyday bath.

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