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A Comprehensive Look at GT Bicycles

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Bicycles from GT come with a wide variety of features, thanks to the company’s status as one of the leading American brands. The bicycles from the company are fit for different terrains and come in different varieties, like road cycles and mountain cycles. The initial frame that led to such further models was designed by the founder in his quest for a better bicycle. The model later turned popular, marking the start of the company’s journey.

GT bicycles are used for multiple purposes, as the different types of bicycles released can be used for both on-road and off-road biking. Some of these bikes are used for purposes of dirt-track racing and adult mountain biking. There are close to 143 models of GT bicycles with models that are classified as Powerlite, Robinson, Dyno, Auburn, and Dynamo. The prices of these bicycles are moderate, and competent when compared to the industry standard. The initial bicycles that were designed had frames that were made of chrome-moly steel. Such a design made the bicycles very light and enhanced their performance. A triple triangle design can be found in the frames of some of the bicycles. This is one of the famous features and regularly appears in most models.

Another unique aspect of these GT bicycles is the way in which the top tubes of the bicycles seemingly bisect the seat tube and also extend an inch and a half in the direction of the rear frame. This design helps in reducing the vibration that is transferred to the seat from the back wheel. These bicycles are the most preferred models in the BMX circuit. There are many rugged and reliable road and mountain bike ranges as well, that are very popular.

Before choosing a bicycle, make sure that you look through the catalogue and know the extent of choices available. Next, try to find an authorised dealer from the company of your choice in your locality. You can contact this dealer to size you up and suggest a bicycle model that will suit you and your needs. Each type of bicycle is likely to have a different frame, with varying sizing requirements. If you have always preferred a particular style of bike, it might be extremely tough to adjust to another type. For this reason, seeking an expert opinion on the sizing factor is highly advisable while moving to a new model.

After deciding on the model, make sure that you test ride your bicycle and ensure that you try out different types in order to get a feel on the variety. Try riding the bike in terrains that are similar to the one that you are going to frequent the most. Though all vehicles needed to be test driven before purchase, it is particularly important to the test bicycles that are used for mountain riding. You can try riding them in steep pavements and other such areas to see if you are comfortable riding them in such conditions. The choice and models available in this category might be overwhelming, but you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Irrespective of the model, these cycles from GT have stood the test of time and rank among the prominent bicycles in the industry, thanks to their innovative and rugged nature.

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