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Data Protection Services: From Hackers and Thieves to Fires

by rubybadcoe

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The Chronology of Data Breaches, published by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, showed that for five years, more than 500 million confidential records were illegally accessed or acquired. John Sileo, a professional identity theft consultant and speaker, said that approximately 80 percent of businesses go bankrupt and suffer great financial losses because their data have been breached. These facts show that a business’ data is crucial to its stability. Many small and large businesses suffer due to lack of data protection.


Data protection is essentially an activity on the relationship of data collection and dissemination. Small businesses and large corporations should ensure their clients the information they are receiving will not be disclosed to any unauthorized person. This is increasingly becoming more difficult as there is an increasing number of hacking attempts at present.


Advancements in technology simultaneously benefited and burdened business owners because it became just as easy to access information as to steal it. Small businesses are very vulnerable to hacking and material thefts. Large corporations are at risk of incurring major losses if vital information is breached, however smaller businesses are more at risk because many individuals are just after fast cash.


One of the things that each growing business requires is complete data protection. There are data management companies that offer data protection services, especially to those who are very vulnerable to abusive individuals. You can opt to get Williams Data protection services so that your files will be secured. For over 89 years, Williams Data Management has helped many corporations and businesses secure their organization’s most important data.


Social security and credit card numbers should particularly be protected because studies show these two are the most frequently stolen information from the databases of small businesses. Williams Data protection services include the safe storage of your files online and in a concrete and steel storage facility. The prevalence of identity theft and misuse of information threatens many small businesses in Los Angeles, but there are ways for you to ensure the safety of your most valued data.


Williams Data protection services also consider the fact that hackers and thieves are not the only formidable enemies of business owners. Fires and

floods also threaten the safety of a company’s data. This is why it is important to entrust your data to a trustworthy and certified data management company so that your data will be kept safe. For more information about data protection, visit

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