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Learn the Benefits of Using Recycled Paper in Your Office...

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Why Choose Recycled Paper for Your Office? 

If you’re responsible for maintaining your office’s paper supply, you are aware of the countless number of paper options available. Whether you are choosing between different shades of colored paper or deciding on inkjet or laser versus multipurpose copy paper, the choices are seemingly endless. Among the many varieties to choose from is recycled paper. Once thought of as being difficult to find and of poorer quality than its virgin paper counterpart, recycled paper has come a long way to reverse these perceptions. Plus, the environmental benefits are irrefutable. Why choose recycled paper for your office? Read some reasons below. 

High quality 

When it was first introduced, recycled paper had a somewhat grainy, off-white appearance and did not have the same long-term shelf life as virgin paper. Not so anymore. Today’s varieties of recycled paper are nearly impossible to tell apart from non-recycled sheets and since most are acid-free, they have more longevity. You will also get the same high-quality performance in copiers and fax machines as you would with standard copy paper

Easy to find 

Once a not-so-common find at most retail stores or distributers, recycled paper is now widely available thanks to increased use and demand over the years. Today the most common brands of paper now offer recycled paper as well. For these same reasons, the cost of recycled paper has fallen to prices comparable to non-recycled copy paper. Buying in large or bulk quantities will often reduce the cost even more. 

Reduced carbon footprint 

One of the most obvious benefits of using recycled paper is the decreased carbon footprint you will leave. Producing recycled paper helps conserve natural resources as it requires much less energy and water than producing virgin paper. It also results in less greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste than non-recycled paper, and doesn’t require the same amount of bleaching with toxic chemicals. Recycling copy paper and using recycled copy paper is especially important because printing or copy paper typically uses twice as much wood. 

Is recycled paper right for my company? 

If your company is passionate about conservation or you are just looking for a simple way to be more environmentally conscious, choosing recycled printing or copy paper over standard copy paper is a great option. Since you will not be sacrificing quality or your budget, this is an easy office solution to fulfill your paper needs while also doing your part to better the environment in which we live in.

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