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The yearly occurrence of the date of past event is called anniversary in other words we can call it birthday. The word anniversary is usually associated with the day of wedding. So Anniversary is a name of celebration of the day of wedding. The occurrence of this event is called initial event and after one year it would be the first anniversary. Anniversary is usually celebrated every year on the date of wedding when it was held. So it is a memorable event for those couples who promise to spend their life together.

Every year on that special occasion both of them try to make each other happy by making different ideas of celebration like cutting cake, giving gifts etc. But now in the era of modernization as the technology has improves so we can use different ideas for celebrating this special event like one can send Anniversary sms to his/her loved one's as well as can send free E.greetings. As now a day there is a trend to send sms on different occasions like birthday, anniversary, Eid etc because it helps to communicate fastly. Everyone wants to wish their loved one's as a first wisher so the facility of sending sms is an amazing feature introduced by modern technology which has removed the distances among the people and also helps to stay in touch with each other. Now it doesn't matter where you are whether in your country or abroad you can very quickly and easily wish your loved one's by sending Ascii SMS. In past there were only a few ways to communicate, which bothers the people. Communication is very important and communication requires better mediums of communication.

As a men is a social animal and he needs to socialize with everyone. But the proper communication was a few and far between in the past because there were no proper medium to communicate. As technology improve day by day the communication become much easier for the people. Keeping in view the need of communication many network companies has introduced different packages for sending sms which were not available in the beginning. Packages saves your hardly earn money. But today everyone wants to compete with each other and make them defeat others. Different networking companies are introducing different packages day by day in order to defeat other companies. In the beginning there were few packages but now there is a number of sms packages through that you can unlimited chat with the people you want and stay connected to your loved ones with whom you sent Break Up SMS, so easy to get them back. Now we can send sms through our computer, the interesting feature of this facility is that it free of cost, for this we must have an internet facility to avail this benefit. We can also avail the facility of internet on our mobile phones that is also an amazing facility.

Different charges applies on different sms packages according to the terms of the companies, taxes are also applies on this facility.

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