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Switzerland the Dream Destination of Almost the Entire World

by stiveseo

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Switzerland is a land locked country that has been famed since time immemorial for the
scenic beauty, chocolates, cheese and watches.

We all have at least dreamed once in our lives for a Switzerland trip. The most obvious reason for this
dream is the beauty of the place that is so alluring. When one compares scenic beauty with another Switzerland is always used as a reference. The beauty of the place is so immaculate that
one can’t help but praise the scenic landscape that this country has been blessed with. To add a topping to this place of beauty is the mouthwatering world renowned Swiss cheese and chocolates.

Beauty as seen in Switzerland is reminiscent of mans first abode, the Garden of Eden. Beauty as displayed here by the towering snow capped mountains, lush green plains, crystal blue
lakes, azure skies, rich forests and the cleanliness of the place is unmatched
by any other place in the world.

a newly married couple is asked if they could go anywhere in the world for a
honeymoon where would it be? The answer comes out in a jiffy saying “we would
like to go for a honeymoon in Switzerland.”

setting of the place is so beautiful that words aren’t quite enough to describe
the scenic views. It is as if a fragment of what we all call paradise was put
here by God to show us the spoils of Eden that man first lived in. The picturesque
hills with lush green meadows, fresh air free from the pollution of the modern
world, lakes that reflect the clear blue skies, cattle grazing in the vast
meadows, the towering mountains of the great Alps reaching out for the sky and
silence is what makes this place a dream destination for almost the entire

beat way to enjoy the beauty of this place is by going on hikes. Hiking here
has been made easy as the marked trails exceed 48,300km and every trail is a
masterpiece of nature. The scenic landscapes, lakes and meadows will captivate
you as you make your way slowly through the hiking trails. Breathe in the
beauty of the place and feel it grow within you with every step you take.

not miss out on the train rides when here. This is the best possible way to
enjoy the beauty of Switzerland
other than hiking. The train rides wind through the forests and over the hills
giving you a spectacle of the most beautiful places of the country. A view of
the spectacular landscapes from the train is completely different than the ones
you would see while hiking so do not miss out on the train rides here.

and sledging are wonderful activities that light up the winters of Switzerland.
Amateur and professional skiers both flock the place as the country has many
good slopes that are apt for skiing. There is also a 6km long slope where you
can sledge down and have an adrenaline rush.

may have heard a lot about Swiss chocolates which are considered to be the best
in the world. When her tastes the different kinds of Swiss chocolates and savors
the taste which will remain lifelong in your taste buds. Also try out the
different varieties of cheese when here as the best cheeses too are said to be
from this country.

village tours and feel the warmth of the love radiating from the people here.
Witness the age old traditions that have been kept alive by the people here and
be a part of it when in this land of beauty.

a Switzerland Tour and
come to know what real beauty is. If one is said to describe Switzerland
then beauty would be the word.

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