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Mobile Marketing triples interaction with your advertisement

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Mobile Marketing may just be the best kept secret in the world of advertising. Perhaps the best form of supplementary advertising; mobile marketing provides a measurable form of engagement with consumers, one that heavily increases interaction with your advertisements by providing alternate calls to action.


Spicers, a New Zealand financial planning and investment firm incorporated an SMS marketing segment into their latest radio campaign. The campaign offered three different ways in which consumers could interact with the advertisement: text, internet and a free phone number. The results were simply staggering, with SMS the preferred method of interaction by 75% of respondents. Statistically, the mobile marketing component of this campaign tripled the number of responses compared with those received via the telephone and internet.


But far from a one off, Black and White, a player in the New Zealand cellphone market achieved similar results when they offered SMS as a method of interaction with their advertisements. Initially, their campaign offered two separate ways in which consumers could engage with Black and White – through a free phone number or via SMS. The number of SMS responses was so overwhelming that Black and White opted to save significant ongoing costs by completely removing the free phone number and utilizing SMS as their sole method of interaction.


So we’ve seen the results, but why is SMS by far the most popular avenue chosen by respondents? Social protocol is an important factor in the decision of many to text. Calling is often impractical and considered inappropriate whereas texting is simple, quiet and quick. Internet responses are often also inappropriate, as they’re far less likely to be accessible, whereas cellular phones are always on hand.



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