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Good Liver Function For Weight Loss

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Looking after you liver is essential for weight loss. The livers job is to burn fat, and clear fat out of the body. It is a major factor in regulating metabolism and acts as the ‘filter’ of the body – constantly cleaning our blood.


A sluggish liver means an accumulation of toxins can occur. This leads to a decrease in the ability of the liver to burn and mobilise fat in the body, and slows down weight loss and increases weight gain. The liver goes from a fat burning organ to a fat storing organ.


How do I know if I have a fatty liver?

  • Excess visceral weight (belly fat)

  • Skin problems

  • Bad breath

  • Headaches

  • Constipation

  • Nausea, especially after eating fatty foods

  • A coated tongue

  • Yellowing sclera (whites of the eye)

  • Fatty deposits under the skin

  • Elevated cholesterol

  • Cellulite

  • Difficulty in weight loss


According Brisbane Naturopath and Weight Loss Specialist Tony Daniel “There are many lifestyle and dietary changes you can make to improve your liver function and reverse a ‘fatty’ liver allowing you to kick start your weight loss.”


Some of these include:


  • WATER: helps to metabolise stored fat, keep bowels regular and flush out wastes. Regular bowel movements are essential for liver health and weight loss.


  • FIBRE will help to clear out excess fat from the liver by binding it up and moving it through the bowel to be excreted. This is particularly important when you are looking to lower your cholesterol level. Look at plenty of Vegetables, nuts and seeds, and perhaps even chia or psyllium husks to really promote the clearance of excess fat and weight loss.


  • DIET – include plenty of colour and variety in your diet. This will give you a range of nutrients and mineral. Plants also contain ‘phyto-nutrients’ that have far reaching impacts on numerous systems of the body (including the liver and weight loss) reducing processed foods and food high in sugars will also help with weight loss.


  • QUALITY LIVER TONIC: this will stimulate regeneration, repair and detoxification of the liver, gradually improving function (and therefore fat clearance and weight loss). Some important liver nutrients include St Mary’s Thistle, Dandelion, Bupleurum, Turmeric, Taurine, B-complex vitamins, choline, inositol and methionine.


  • EXERCISE: Let’s not forget this ‘magic bullet’. Exercise increases your body’s ability to utilise fat, increases metabolism and helps to balance blood sugar. Essential for weight loss and liver health.


In Brisbane the incidence of obesity is rocketing. It is estimated that 55% of Brisbane men and women are overweight or obese – and about 25% of our children are the same.


Excess body fat is the biggest threat to the lives of Brisbane residents. It increases the incidence of chronic health issues such as: Diabetes, Increased Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, certain cancers and other cardio-vascular risk factors. Excess weight also has negative effects on mental health and feelings of self worth, increases inflammation, pain and generally reduced levels of comfort.


Losing weight and reducing your fat mass, even by a small amount, can reduce your chances of developing many of these diseases and will help make Brisbane the Healthy State.


So let’s get healthy Brisbane by improving your liver function and start losing weight today.


If you too want to lose weight and keep it off, then why not call Capalaba Natural Health, one of Brisbane’s leading weight loss clinics and ask them about their various weight loss programs. They will help you lose weight, help you stay focused on your goal and journey and make it a fun experience.


You can learn more about Capalaba Natural Health and weight loss at or call 3823 3103.


Article by Tony Daniel ND.


Tony Daniel is an award Winning Naturopath who owns Capalaba Natural Health in Brisbane.

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