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A Guide to Buying High Precision Machining Parts

by Editor123

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For most kinds of industries, accuracy and precision are two of the most important aspects of production. These are the chief factors for ensuring speed and quality that, in turn, will define how successful a production business really is. In some specific industries, such as those that require milling, drilling, mining and similar activities, the need for precision is more acute and of critical importance. And the only way to ensure it is to use good quality high precision machining.

In this age of fierce competition, the slightest slip can prove to be a costly mistake. Why take chances when you can stay sure and confident by investing in high precision machining. Based on proprietary designs that are products of extremely sophisticated engineering planning, high precision machining components can help you stay competitive and profitable by helping you maintain a consistent quality, cut time and improve overall efficiency.

High precision equipment and components come in many different shapes and sizes. Among the more popular are what is known as idler rolls. Idler rolls are an important part of the yarn extrusion process and due to the high speed that idlers operate at, balancing is a critical aspect of their designing and construction. Some of the best manufacturers of such parts balance their rollers at very high RPMs (as high as 15,000 RPMs) and include a specification sheet in each roller as proof that each one is properly balanced so that you can purchase and use them with total confidence.

One can also install large idler rolls (also known as tension, separator or pin rolls) that contain high precision/high speed ball bearings that have been rated at 30,000 RPMs of continuous duty. Some of the best idler rolls come plated with a matte finish durable industrial hard chrome coating to ensure proper grip at startup. Most of the reputed manufacturers of high precision machining parts out there make a wide range of idler rolls designed to fit popular extrusion lines such as Filteco, Neumag, Barmag, Reiter and Plantex. Some of the popular sizes available widely are 4", 6" 9.5", 12.5" ( 100mm, 150mm, 240mm, 320mm) and diameters up to 60mm. However, custom sizes can also be made for custom applications.

Remember to source your high precision parts from a reputed manufacturer. Insist on the best values in toughness, performance, customization, availability and of course, value for money. If you keep these in mind while buying precision parts, you will not go wrong with your choice of a seller.

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