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Leo Horoscope - Leo Astrology

by chandan564

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Find leo astrology, leo horoscope, characteristics, personality and traits of Leo zodiac sign. Leo Sign Compatibility of Astrological/Zodiac Signs for love and romantic relationship of Leo.

Element: Leo element sign is Fire. Like Aries they are dominating and aggressive. Fire can provide heat and warmth and at same time can put whole jungle into ashes.

Modality: Leo had fixed modality which means it is very difficult to convince them. If they feel that they are right, then it the other person who has to change his/her attitude.

Benefic or malefic effects: It all depends upon Birth chart, how well Leo and Sun are placed in horoscope. If this two are well placed then person will reach new height, person can reach at top level due to his leaderships skills, One can hit his enemies hard as like when lion comes all animals fled away.

Malefic effects: If Sun and Leo are badly placed in chart, then person energies can go in negative way. People may hate him. One can become lonely and restless and can go in company of bad people or soon can join bad habits

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