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How Wordpress CMS can benefit an organization?

by jameskevin69

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Content Management System is software or tool used for creating, controlling and managing the content of a website. This is most commonly used by non technical users as it doesn’t require the excellent knowledge of programming languages. There are lots of content management systems available on internet that is used for making websites. Some of the CMS are wordpress, Joomla, drupal etc.


Wordpress is one of the most popular open source content management system used by many <a href=>offshore software development companies</a> which is freely available for download. Wordpress need PHP and MYSQL support for installation to make a website. A website that is made in wordpress can be maintained very easily. Wordpress provides user friendly interface that allows users to customize the website design and look easily. Wordpress has an inbuilt template system so user can upload templates according to the need and can also re-arrange the widgets without any modification of the HTML code.                                               

Following are some of the benefits for using wordpress as a Content Management System-   

  1. Open source and free available: Wordpress is an open source content management system that is freely available for download. There are thousands of templates available on wordpress site which can also be downloaded free so that you can make a website without any investment.
  2. Very easy to manage: Wordpress is very easy to use if you don’t have too much knowledge of computer and programming languages, still you can make a website in wordpress. Wordpress have a drag and drop interface consisting of widgets that can be arranged according to need of website. So, a normal user can also make the changes in website from time to time.
  3. Multiple user login simultaneously: Wordpress allow login of multiple users at the same time. As many number of users can login simultaneously at the back end of the wordpress site from anywhere, so anyone can modify the site that has access to dashboard of site.
  4. Big online community: Wordpress has a very big community of users that releases new plugins and templates regularly which can be used by every software development firm like mobile application Development Company. If anyone faces any problem regarding a wordpress site, the problem can be posted in the community and you will get solution of that problem from large number of experts and community users. These community members also post new things and techniques that can be used to make significant changes in the website to add new functionalities.
  5. Search Engine Optimization is easy: Wordpress has in- built search engine optimization features that are good from Google point of view. You can easily add titles, keywords and descriptions in the website pages for SEO. Apart from this, you can also add various search engine optimization plugins free of cost such as plugins for sitemap generation, auto title and keyword generation, broken link checker etc.

There are also many other benefits for using wordpress to make a site such as there are regular updates coming for it which can be applied on a single click. These updates make the wordpress site secure. Lots of plugins are available for different functionalities that can be installed directly from the dashboard of the wordpress. All the features make wordpress the most popular CMS.

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