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Qualities of UV printing

by BruceWillis

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At BIG Design, we provide branding solutions to companies big and small. We spend our days concepting, designing and preparing files for print. Ranging from packaging to POP and from tradeshows to print collateral, our work must reflect quality - no matter what substrate it's printed on. A further extension of image quality can be greatly effected by printing techniques. UV printing is a fairly unknown printing method which yields excellent results. We'd like to share some information with our current clients as well as potential ones.


What is UV Printing?

Sure you know of UV coating during the printing process, but have you heard of UV printing? It's been around for many years, but UV Process printing is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and produces rich, vibrant colors compared to conventional printing.


Breathe Easier

With conventional printing, most inks contain solvents that evaporate into the air and soak into the paper. UV inks, on the other hand, dry through a photomechanical process. When the inks are exposed to ultraviolet lights they turn from a liquid/paste to a solid. Not only is there much less evaporation of solvents but there is also less absorption of ink into the stock. Without the use of solvents, there are no volatile organic compounds released into the air around us.


Stocks and Bonds

Even a simple uncoated stock will print with great results with UV printing. Because solvents in conventional inks absorb so quickly into an uncoated stock, you often find that the final printed piece looks muddy with excessive dot gain. Since UV inks dry when exposed to UV light, they don't have time to soak into the stock. Believe it or not, the ink is left sitting on top of the uncoated sheet, giving it vivid color.Do to the quick bond, UV printing has an advantage of being able to print on alternate substrates. Print on plastic, corrugate, metal...the possibilities are endless!


It's better to work with BIG

When printing with UV inks, it is necessary to expose the ink to enough ultraviolet energy (while not making the substrate too brittle and also achieving adherence to the substrate) in order to cure the ink properly. This can be a challenge, considering that every surface has different characteristics. However, that's the benefit of working with BIG. Our approved trade printers know their stuff.  Interested in learning more, or printing a job using this format? We have vendors across the US to meet your logistical requirements.
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