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Cosmetic Dentistry specialist in NYC

by NewYorkDentists

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A Cosmetic Dentistry specialist in NYC can Create Dazzling Smiles with Veneers


An increased number of New Yorkers are realizing that a healthy mouth is a reflection of a healthy body. A cosmetic dentistry NYC specialist offers various dental procedures for creating beautiful smiles and providing a cure for the teeth affected by various dental ailments. Veneers are one of the most common procedures used for smile resurrection and have the potential of creating celebrity smiles.


Let us know about veneers in the sections below,


  • 1 Veneers are thin layers of material used for the treatment of various flaws of the teeth along with enhancing their aesthetics. They could be made either of composite material or from dental porcelain.
  • 2 Fractured, cracked and crooked teeth may look unsightly, robbing an individual of his/her self-confidence. Work edges and shortened teeth due to wear or tear can add a premature look to the teeth. Discoloration of the teeth could be due to reasons such as root canal treatment, antibiotic drugs such as tetracycline and due to resin fillings. Veneers could be used on a single tooth or all the teeth in a jaw to give a smile makeover to a person for all of these dental issues.
  • 3 Veneers help to reclaim symmetry, straightness and appearance of the teeth and provide help in cases that have gum recession.
  • 4 Veneers have various advantages in comparison to other form of tooth restoration procedures. These may include a natural appearance like the tooth, resistance to the stains and compatibility with the gum tissue.
  • 5 A dental candidate can select the color of the veneers according to their teeth structure in order to enhance his/her smile.
  • 6 In the past, the only way to cover the flaws of the teeth included the use of dental crowns; however, this has been replaced with the use of veneers. A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC surgeon ascertains if veneers are required for the candidate and it takes a maximum of two sittings to complete this dental procedure.
  • 7 The cosmetic dentist then prepares the enamel of the dental candidate by removing a millimeter of the enamel that is equivalent to the thickness of the veneer. This is followed by an x-ray to find out the dimensions of veneers.
  • 8 The veneers are then fixed to the teeth of the dental candidate with the help of dental cement using a light beam. Proper follow-up care and oral hygiene should be maintained in order to get long lasting benefits from these dental alternatives.



Cosmetic Dentistry NYC professional can provide useful help to brace the world with your beautiful smile. Visit for details.

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