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“What makes a Smile Beautiful in NYC?” An insightful survey

by NewYorkDentists

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Dentistry has a long history with its evidences of its practice being found in the remnants of Mayan and even pre –historic Egyptian civilization. This medical field has undergone sweeping advancements in the recent time with the introduction of cosmetic dentistry. It comes as no surprise when a growing number of New Yorkers are booking themselves an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry procedure. These dental procedures provided by a cosmetic dentistry NYC professional provide strengthening and esthetic enhancement of the teeth.


A recent survey conducted by a dental clinic helped to uncover various facts about the importance of a beautiful smile and the reasons behind the increasing trends of cosmetic dentistry procedures.


What constitutes a beautiful smile according to many New Yorkers?

When asked in the survey” What will be the first thing you would notice in a person’s smile? ” , the most common responses included the straightness of the teeth, whitening & color of the teeth, sincerity of a smile, no missing teeth and the sparkle of a smile. Most respondents thought that a brighter smile could increase their self-confidence along with their prospects for romantic and career success.


What made a smile unattractive for most respondents?

Most respondents thought that discolored teeth, crooked teeth, yellowness, stains, decaying teeth, dirty teeth, gaps and spaces in the teeth were some of the most common factors that make the smile unattractive.


Why are an increasing number of New Yorkers resorting to cosmetic dentistry procedures?

In the survey it was found that, an increasing number of people in the Big Apple undergo various cosmetic dentistry procedures yearly. The reasons may be attributed to the faster results offered by these cosmetic procedures. For instance, procedures such as tooth whitening may take a few minutes to produce remarkable results.


A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC expert helps to provide results that are more esthetics in comparison to those provided by the traditional dentistry procedures. The unsightly braces of the yester years have paved way for invisalign that are transparent and allows undetected straightening of the teeth.


Most cosmetic dentistry procedures have a hassle free maintenance, unlike the traditional dentistry procedures. Traditional procedures as braces were always found to be susceptible to bacterial invasion and required extensive maintenance. New Yorkers also prefer various cosmetic dental procedures, as along with reasonable costs, they are covered under most dental insurance plans.


A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC surgeon provides various dental procedures and oral care for a dazzling smile. Visit for details and to book an appointment.

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