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2. anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti,full pockets of c

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12th January will be exactly two years since the terrible earthquake that struck the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. In the third most devastating earthquake in the number of victims killed in the history of the about 300,000 persons, and over 1 million others are homeless.
The city is terribly ruinous, and the large number of deaths and the risk of infection, many had to be buried in mass graves.

After the horrific scenes that shocked the world, many countries have decided to offer assistance, including the United States.
It could be argued that this was a good opportunity to redeem the United States for everything bad that has caused this small but proud, island country. In fact, Haiti is the only former colony in which the slaves rebelled and eventually seized power. It was the beginning of the 19th century, while France dominated the land - namely, Napoleon Bonaparte. In the great battles had been killed was about 100,000 rebellious slaves, and about 50,000 colonists, but the win - a historic and unprecedented victory - was won, however. On New Year 01/01/1804. former slaves, now free from tyranny, declared his country - gave her the name "AYITE" as the native language means "home".

Haiti - too close to the U.S. to be free
Haiti, the symbol of struggle and freedom, was independent for more than 100 years. Freedom and independence are so close to the United States was never fixed - this is the story of Haiti.
1915th the direct order of President Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. military occupied the country. The goal was the only one - to ensure smooth running of their corporations, and draw the natural resources (agriculture, mineral resources).
Of course, that people are not at peace with it, for them freedom and independence were valued above all else. 1918th raised a revolt against the occupiers, but specially trained U.S. Marines had no mercy. The uprising was crushed in blood, about 2,000 Haitians in their desire for freedom paid with his life.

The Americans organized by his country - completely redesigned education system, economy, and in the capital sprung a new neighborhood where the locals could not be allowed anywhere near - "Street millionaires" they called it.
Furthermore, the Americans withdrew their land border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as it suited them - taking a good part of the country from the neighboring Dominican Republic. The move will cost thousands of Haitians living.
Because, when the Americans decided to withdraw from Haiti (1934), on the other side of the border, the Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo, ordered the army to return to the territory. In just three days was killed nearly 20,000 Haitians in the so-called. "Parsley" massacre.
Americans are leaving, companies are installed, and the whole territory remains in chaos, it sounds incredibly familiar, does not it?

Haitians were given later, the entire array of dictators and politicians who all of them were loyal to Washington (in this collection includes the current president Michel Martelly).

U.S. demands total obedience
The United States refers to Haiti as its colony. Army entered the country when they have to like it. 90-ies, but they still fit then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide - after being ousted from power, Bill Clinton sent troops into the country to make it back. Later, when Aristide began to be less loyal, the U.S. backed military coup in which Aristide was again sent into exile.
Only years after Jean-Bertrand Aristide openly spoke to was overthrown from power by the Americans. To show Democracy Now (Amy Goodman, host) told how he was forced to resign by American soldiers and former U.S. ambassador to Haiti.

Nothing the U.S. can not do to forget the brutal abduction of freedom to the people of Haiti. Because of their occupation and exploitation, Haiti is now one of the poorest countries in the world. Corruption is a huge, and the richest layer that makes 1% of the population, owned by over 50% of the country.
Economy is perhaps the most devastated Clinton administration, which is set by then-President Aristide, but provided that the holding of free market principles, which he designated Washington. During this period, and what little the people had, was lost.
To what extent is Haiti economically exploited shown by the fact that Bill Clinton recently apologized for the implementation of these economic measures.

The tragedy in Haiti in the eyes of corporate America - a very good opportunity for profit
After the country 2 years ago a terrible earthquake struck, the U.S. was in a position to help and that at least a little, back to the people of Haiti, which takes almost 100 years. Atone can not, but their assistance could at least partially mitigate these years of injustice.
Yes, now he could, but it is not.

In the early days, when help was most needed, America has reacted so even sent 20,000 troops to Haiti. Charitable organizations for days could not get injured. The U.S. military cordoned off the airport, a military ships surrounded the country on all sides so that assistance could not be reached even by sea.

Many journalists who filmed the Haiti shortly after the earthquake are back for half a year to publish his report on the new state - greeted them was a shock. CNN journalist she wrote, "the city looks as if an earthquake was yesterday."
Today, two years after, it is not removed even half of the ruins.

Organized major humanitarian operation, which yielded billions. Not just the government, the people around the world have donated as much as they could.
One of the top priorities was to build the ruined infrastructure.
On this occasion, was established in the body which had the task of giving money to private construction companies.
The game was a lot of money and hunt for him began.
Expected that private companies have the priority to help people proved to be pure folly.
Companies are literally razgrabile money in all possible ways. The material is purchased and up to 4 times higher price, paying a monthly rent of the flats as high as $ 7.000.
Without any control, money is literally "burned me" as stated in the detailed report lists Miami Herald.
Managers 'humanitarian' companies are renting luxury cars, they even had a couple of private drivers. Were paid salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars - all for humanitarian funds.
There are also examples apsurdnijih - so for example utuklo millions of dollars on big advertising campaign that warns people to "Peru hand", while at the same time there was no water available.

In the interest of the United States to Haiti will never recover
Today, two years after the earthquake, more than 500,000 people still living in tents. In these "temporary" camps of the organization, at least from the beginning, bring clean soap and some basic hygiene products. "This already has," commented one of the inhabitants of these camps.
According to witnesses, the life in the camps was horrific - at night plagued by armed groups, rape women and terrorize people.
These people are simply left to the mercy of hell where no end in sight.

Construction projects that are predicted to be completed within two years of mass are unfinished. Private construction companies have squandered all the money now and hope that somebody somewhere to send more.
Experts warn that they may have to take decades before the reconstruction of Haiti.

While the world is playing a great humanitarians, America has actually turned the huge amount of money.
Yet after all this information - the conclusion is far darker. Reimbursement of money intended for humanitarian objectives in the private pockets of corporate America is just a minor problem. It is much bigger problem is that the U.S. systematically wants to keep Haiti in the current state, a state of chaos and misery.

When was the last year the government in Haiti tried to raise the minimum wage from 24 cents to 61 cents per hour - a move that would save many Haitians from extreme poverty, the Obama administration reacted immediately. This was followed by an instruction which stated that such an increase in the minimum wage intolerable.
The government had to give in and raise the minimum wage for only nominal 7 cents.
On the plan to increase minimum wage workers in Haiti, the U.S. government has acted with good reason - some of the largest U.S. corporations in almost slavery conditions produce their goods to Haiti. Some of them are Hanes and Levi Strauss, whose clothes are gray on Haiti.

Haiti today is not just a colony, but also the tremendous work camp, which directly controls the capital interest of the United States. Their goal is to restore Haiti and aid to the injured people, their goal is to get the last atom of their strength and the entire country play as a source of modern slavery. The presence of American troops and UN troops also does not aim to protect the population, but the corporate interests of a possible repetition of the 1808th

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