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The Quality of Life in the East End

by harleypaul786

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In East London is an area known as the Docklands. The docks in this area used to serve as part of The Port of London until during 1960 and 1980 when they were redeveloped for commercial and residential purposes. It was decided that the London Docklands would be of more use financially if they were redeveloped. Most of the docks have been completely or at least partly in filled with establishments being built on top of them. One of the docks is called Heron Quays. The Heron Quays area is home to three skyscrapers; 10 Upper Bank Street, 25 Bank Street and 40 Bank Street. The area is unrecognizable from a hundred years ago where it used to be important for its water transport links, not it’s commercial property space.

The Heron Quays area is home to the Museum of London Docklands, a museum which explores the history of London’s East End, in particular the history of the River Thames. The changes that have occurred over the years in the East End are fascinating. It was a main target for bombing during the Second World War because of its railway lines and docks. Today, the East End is one of the largest areas in the country for poverty. The quality of life in the East End is generally not very high but a regeneration of the area is being sought.  

Heron Quays is only moments away from the River Thames and from Canary Wharf Pier, making it an excellent place to spend some time with a Heron Quays escort. The views from Canary Wharf Pier are rather stunning, especially in the evening as London lights up. There is something quite incredible about seeing a huge stretch of natural water surrounded by modern architecture, lights of all colors and thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life.  There are not many rivers in the world that are surrounded by such diversity and history but the River Thames is the epitome of this.

Canary Wharf Ice-Skating rink is a popular attraction with both tourists and residents especially during the winter months. Just five minutes away from Heron Quays it is easy to get to and is something fun to do whether you are will family, your partner or a Heron Quays escort. Ice-skating often brings out the child in people making it a brilliant activity to do to loosen up and have some fun. An escort in Heron Quays would be excellent company for all the slipping and sliding and holding on to each other!

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