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Nostalgia For Vintage Posters

by Editor123

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Vintage posters are in different subjects. One can collect vintage food posters, vintage travel posters or vintage posters concerning entertainment, products, transportation, war & military, sports as well as fine art. Similarly you can also collect vintage wine posters. The images that are displayed in these posters are at least 50 years old. Most of these originate in Europe. What makes these vintage posters famous and collector’s items is that these were all drawn by the best commercial artists of the day. Artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec are world famous today though they started as poster artists. These vintage posters actually gained popularity in the late 1800s. Jules Cheret developed the stone lithography method of printing for these posters. This art form brought out the colors and graphics that are now available for collectors to treasure. However, when these posters were first drawn and printed they were placed on street kiosks and the sides of the building, the store interiors as well as restaurants.

Though most of the vintage posters including vintage travel posters were destroyed in actual use, wise art dealers had realized their worth. They sought out the artists and the printers in an attempt to secure the leftovers. Some collectors even removed the posters from the displays. However, since the production of these posters was only in hundreds or thousands, very few survived as originals. The lithographer’s stone did not survive the first printing.

Today, what makes vintage wine posters or travel posters invaluable is a combination of their rarity, the condition, artist and the images themselves. While some look for the subject, others look for color scheme and yet others like the style of a certain artist. The size need not define the value of the poster.

Today’s popular vintage travel posters are in different subcategories depending on the country of origin such as British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swiss and from the USA. There are posters on Air France by Mathieu, whereas Commune Di Milano is painted by Ruggiero in 1972. You can also find a poster on Grand Bazaar De Lyon by an anonymous artist dating back to 1899. This poster and Cote D’Ázur by Willette in 1898 are very attractive posters. Moreover, there are very attractive vintage wine posters such as John Hopps & Perrier, Absinthe, Armagnac Chateau Henry IV, Champagnes as well as Cognac, Liqueur Menthe Pastille by Misti painted in 1905.

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