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A Brief on The Latest in EDM Hole Popper and Drill

by Editor123

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The demands on precision engineering have many forms. The general requirements of precision engineering can be met with the use of machines such as the CNC turning or milling machines besides the multi-tasking machines and high speed hard milling machines. For creation of complex and simple shapes within different parts and their assemblies, the Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM finds favor as the most accurate manufacturing process available currently. Machining using the EDM is fairly affordable and also very desirable when one wants either low counts or high levels of accuracy. The turn around time is also very fast and this combination makes the use of EDM very popular as a tool for precision engineering. One of the options of using the EDM is that of the EDM hole popper or the EDM drill.

The EDM works on the principle of using an electrode to cause the erosion in a work piece by electrical sparks. The electrical discharge flowing through the electrode as a square wave attacks wherever there are points of least resistance on the work piece. So each time the power is switched on a square wave zaps a hole in the piece and when the power is switched off the debris is flushed away. This cycle occurs several times in a second. The electrode simultaneously advances deeper into the cut. The actual cutting is done by the spark gap that exists between the work piece and the electrode so the electrode never touches the piece. De-ionized water or dielectric oil is used as the fluid in which this operation takes place. This medium prevents the oxidation of the piece and also helps remove the debris besides keeping the gap cool. The EDM hole popper or the EDM drill is one of the three main types of EDM.

In the small hole EDM drill, also known as the EDM “hole popper” the electrode used is a special copper or brass tube between 4 thou and ¼ inch in diameter that blasts the holes through the work piece. The popper has very aggressive power supply so that the work piece is blasted quickly. This version of the EDM finds use in drilling pilot holes through heat treated materials and into both the leading and trailing edges of turbine blades that are used in jet engines among other special tasks requiring precision.

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