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Do you really want a Flash website?

by kunwarpal

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Choosing a flash website is really crucial decision for you business. A flash website contains flash on the home page or other pages of the websites. Sometimes the whole website is flash based website. If you still have some confusion than just keep in mind one thing that if you encounter a website which opens up with a buffering on it as it is loading the files that means it is a flash website.  

Sometimes you encounter a website that has moving images that’s self contained Flash website. The other format is slideshow but in slide show the images move slowly as compared to Flash and it is easier to index the images and enter the tags. You can’t do this in flash and that’s why Google search engine is not able to read content of the Flash website.  This is the only difference between Flash and slide show. 

As there is only flash and when Google robots try to scan the content it finds nothing but the blank space on the website. It doesn’t matter how beautiful pictures are there on your website, these are just a waste for Google robots and your website remains un-noticed.  

As is said that necessity is the mother of invention, in the last two years Google has developed its search engines according to the Flash websites. Now, one can enjoy the amazing visual appearance on their website and also get noticed in Google search. If your site is scripted with AS1 and AS2 files then Google robots can easily read it.  Google is now able to detect all the words in you Flash website. It can also find the URLs in your flash website.  

If there are flash buttons on your website or blog with only images and not any text then Google will not generate any anchor text for these flash buttons. If there is not an actual text on the image rather you have generated JPG file with text on the image then Google will never read it as it is an image file not a text file. FLV files are also not detected by Google robots.   If you are using Flash then keep in mind that some of the JavaScript could not indexed by Google. You should not pull files from another location. You might lose the chance of being indexed by Google robots. If in case your pulled files get indexed then also only of them get the credit and the other one will be looked at as duplicate. However, this will not affect your page rank. 

Although Flash website is really has great impacts on visitors but the problem with Flash website is that it mostly ignored by the Google Robots. These robots can’t even read SWF files. So if you don’t know how to use these SWF files u should not go for a flash website. You can’t take rist with the page rank.  If there are well skilled web designer doing the job then you don’t need to worry.  Web Designing Company Delhi and Website Designing Company Gurgaon have excellence in this field. they can prove to be of a great help.For More Detail Visit :

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