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At last, there's a directory for the media!

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At last, there’s an excellent directory for media professionals. This list of journalists on a global basis is most impressive. Once you become a part of this database, you can dial up some 50,000 European journalists or 30,000 Italian ones. The media from Germany, the UK, France and Spain would all be within your reach as well as more than 135,000 titles worldwide. There are almost half a million journalists globally in this directory media professionals! The creators of this awesome database have been leaders in the twin worlds of communication and media since 1991. It’s due to their high standard of professional and trustworthy service that their media company was certified with the international certification of EN ISO 9001 2008 in July 2010.

With the help of the online facility created by the authors of the list of journalists, it would take just a few seconds for you to access the front pages of the Italian newspapers or the audio-visual summaries of the Italian TV or radio. Accessing the cover pages of the major Italian periodicals would also be almost instantaneous. The online facility is available for all journalists that are a part of the database. With this facility in the standard version, you will be able to research by argument or job title and the media category or geographical areas. The starter kit will also enable you to verify missing media titles and print in list format. You can also send individual emails.

If you feature on the list of journalists, you will also be able to add on the advanced options of Send and Management modules to the standard version. The Send module has a package of additional features with which you can manage the export of media lists. These features include group email distribution and the printing of labels. You can access additional journalist contact information that includes their phone and fax numbers besides their email addresses. For those who are listed on the directory for media professionals, you can also utilize the advanced tools with the help of the Management module. These tools can help you create mailing lists and insert personal contact cards or recall reminders.

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