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Aeration is essential for your commercial farm

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Compaction is one of the worst dreaded enemies of the commercial farmer. Compaction is caused by very simple processes. It can be caused by equipment traffic, such as when high traffic loads from various kinds of equipment break up the soil particles and again fuse them together. This fusing sucks the air out and prevents the movement of water. Actually under wet conditions, compaction only becomes worse. Livestock traffic also causes a lot of compaction and, strangely enough, so does rainfall. Since air has to reach the roots of your plants and water is the only medium that is going to get it there, it stands to reason that you have to remove compaction every time it is created. This requires the use of a professional aerator, an aerator that has been scientifically designed to remove compaction, create fissures, make passages for the air-water-nutrient mix, increase the porosity of the soil and ensure that these conditions are sustained.

The tractor aerator is the most basic of all forms of mechanical aerators, since you can change the fitments each time depending on the type of aeration you need and the depth to which you have to reach. These tractor aerators come in different sizes. You could, therefore, have the 48”, 60”or 72” size aerators. Since soil compaction is basically physical in nature, what you need is a mechanical form of aeration that is not only fast and efficient but also cost-effective and easy to perform. The Shattertine method is generally found to be most suited for most of the requirements of aeration, since these tines are well designed and can really get down to depths of 7”and even deeper.

While aerating lawns, you have the choice of the spike aerator or the core aerator. The spike aerators have solid wedge shaped spikes, while the core aerators have hollow tines. The latter have pull out cores that remove soil from the ground and the cores are left behind on the turf. While compaction is reduced the holes permit the water, fertilizer and air to reach the roots for a longer time thus benefitting the grass.

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