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Explore the Unique Attractions of Fascinating Australia

by seohari

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Australia is one of the most fascinating destinations to visit and explore in the entire world. This is dream destination for the vacationers, tourists, honeymooners and the globe trotters from every nook and corner of the entire world. This is one of the most traveled destinations which hover between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Australia is the most traveled destination which is dotted with numerous big and great attractions which truly leaves the visitors spell bound on their visit to this beautiful country. The beautiful cites, magnificent amenities and the myriad tourist attractions easily entice the visitors.

Australia is one of the destinations which is speckled with abundant unique attractions which are truly out of this world and must to visit and explore. This beautiful country has rich heritage, diverse culture and the fascinating lifestyle of the people truly which fascinates the visitors from all over the globe. This beautiful country is dotted with endless beautiful and myriad tourist attractions which is very tough to quote all the attractions, so, I will give you sneak peak of some of the major tourist attractions which are very worth to visit and explore with any packages tour to Australia. The prominent one are listed below:

Great Barrier Reef

This is the world largest complex of coral reefs and cays which stretches from 2,300 Km from Gulf of Papua to Bundaberg on the central coast’s of Queensland’s. This wonder of nature was listed to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1981.  The Great Barrier Reef is the world largest World Heritage Sites in the entire world. This amazing area of is made up of 2,8oo individual reefs and is abode to 1,5oo species of fish. The Great Barrier Reef looks like swirl of blues from above which truly over cast a magical spurt on your visit. This wonder truly is one of the must visit and explore destination with your Australia tour packages. The Reef is truly bliss for the nature lovers and the visitors who love fishing, diving, snorkeling, yachting, boating and motorized water sports etc. This attraction is so enormous so that it is also can be seen from the space.

Ayers Rocks

Ayers Rocks is the one of the most beautiful natural attractions which is located adjacent to the city of Alice Springs. This is the biggest rock monolith in the entire world and one of the sacred places to the Aborigines. The beautiful surroundings of the deserts here are truly very beautiful and the exotic charm of the place is very fascinating.

Great Ocean Road

This amazing natural wonders are worth to explore and is just about 3 hours driving from the beautiful city from Melbourne, which follows the coast and mountains. The superb erosion caused by the sea and winds created giant monoliths of rock lovingly identified as the 12 Apostles. The diverse culture, vibrant nightlife, varieties of excellent restaurants, inn, pub and the bar easily attracts many visitors to city of Melbourne on your trip to Australia.

Apart from these there are many fabulous destinations and attractions which are very worth to visit and explore as in beautiful Australia.  

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