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Houston Towing Service Tips

by rozerfedral

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Never tow the vehicle as a means of starting the vehicle. Use a slave vehicle or notify organizational maintenance. If one tows the vehicle with all the wheels on the ground, propeller shafts numbers 2 and 3 must be disconnected at both ends and removed entirely. After removing the propeller shafts, wrap and stow to avoid losing parts. Install a tow bar at the pintle of the towing vehicle to the towing eyes of the vehicle being towed. If one have to tow the vehicle with a towing device be sure that it has sufficient length to allow for the articulation of turns. Prior to towing operations, a system of signals to include "start,” "stop,” and "slow down” should be worked out between the operator of the towing vehicle and the operator of the vehicle being towed.  If the disabled vehicle’s air system is not damaged, connect air hoses from the towing vehicle to the air couplings on the front bumper of the damaged vehicle. This will allow an air supply to operate the vehicle’s brakes. If the air system is damaged, do not connect the hoses. Release the vehicle’s brakes by manually caging the failsafe brakes on axles 3 and 4 to insure the towed vehicle’s brakes will not be applied. Now place the transmission selector lever in the “N" (neutral) position, release the parking brakes and turn on the driving light switch to the applicable position. It ias always better to hire the Houston Towing Service as they will have all the necessary equipments ,machines and skills to tow any type of vehicles.

It may be necessary, depending on the situation, to tow the vehicle with the front wheels off the ground. If this situation does occur, a, b, and c, above are applicable with the only difference being in disconnecting the propeller shafts. Propeller shaft number 3 will be the only one will have to disconnect, and it is disconnected in the same manner. Disconnect at the drive yoke on number 3 axle and secure loose end to frame or remove entirely. Wrap end to avoid losing parts. One may find it necessary to tow the vehicle with the rear wheels off the 2-24 ground. Only tow the vehicle in this manner if the other methods prove unsatisfactory. The vehicle should be supported vertically using the tow eyes or pintle. Disconnect propeller shaft number 2 at the number 2 axle drive yoke and secure the loose end to the frame or remove entirely. Tie down the steering wheel with rope to prevent turning after the steering wheels on axles numbers 1 and 2 have been positioned straight ahead.


Remove propeller shafts with caution. When the fitting yoke end is disassembled, the propeller shaft is free to fall and its weight is sufficient to cause serious injury. Primary road speeds should be restricted to 15 mph. Secondary road speeds should be restricted to 8 mph. make sure to hire the Houston Towing Service in one is not able to tow the vehicle.

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