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Istikbal sofa beds: a sofa bed must provide both comfort

by ramondjose

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The sofa beds are a good replacement option for the mattress beds providing all the comfort of a bed and can be used as a sofa. They are space sufficient and are available in various types so one could choose the best suitable sofa bed depending upon their requirement.


An extra bed to accommodate the guest is the need of every home. As most of the homes or the apartment do not have enough places to have extra furniture or usually the extra mattress-bed. The furniture is limited to once need and its usage by the family members. If it is a small family then the furniture will be accordingly as due to small spaces in the home people can not effort to spare that available space to be used once in a while. If one have guest at their place one could still provide comfortable stay. Though there is limited beds in the house to sleep one could make use of the sofa beds also called as the sleeper sofa, it is a replacement for mattresses-beds. These sofa beds are easily available in the markets and one could find many varieties and variations of these sofa beds. Buying the right sofa bed which could give the comfort and also consumes less space is quite a tricky job. One could find multi purpose Istikbal sofa beds which could be used for different purpose apart from being a bed. Though there are different types and many variants of sofa beds in the markets .they have there own pros and cons, so while buying then one needs to keep these points in mind.


Few pros and cons of the various sofa beds:


One could find the pull-out sofa bed, for several decades these types of sofa beds have been the standard sleepers in the market. One needs to remove the sitting cushions away and pull-out the mattress from inside the sofa to make it a bed. It has its own advantages and some disadvantages. The good thing about this type pf sofa bed is that they come in different sizes like queen, single, full and twin size. If the size gets smaller the name of the sofa bed changes to love seat bed or a chair bed. These beds are manufactured locally so one could choose the fabric and quality and the colors. The negative points about this type of sofa bed are that they are very uncomfortable. Most of the people want to sink in the sofa rather sitting on them. They want the sofa to super soft. A very flexible and thin mattress is required if one wants the super soft sofa and a bed within it. The sitting cushion could be a problem as they tend to slide out easily. It is difficult for the elderly people and people with back pain to pull the bed out, as the mechanism is quite difficult to operate. It becomes difficult to store especially the bigger sizes.


Futons are the widely known sofa bed:


There are many variants of the sofa beds and futons are the most commonly known sleeper type among all. Though they are called sofa beds but they do not look like sofa at all. They come in metal or wood frames. These types of Istikbal sofa beds are widely available, starts with very reasonable prices; one could get the frame and cushions of their choice. One could select a spring, wool, foam, cotton or any other cushion. Few negative points of these type is that they are futons not sofas, they can not be placed in living rooms con be used only in the back rooms. The good quality inner spring mattress are quite expensive one could get a better quality European sofa for same price. The cushions slides easily and this is the main problem. The other type is the European sofa beds, they provide great sleeping and sitting quality, one could find models with both excellent sleeping and sitting comfort. The mechanism is quite easy to use unlike the pull-out ones and they have built in cushions and mattress which does not slide. It has some negative points as the cushions are attached they can not be exchanged when it gets worn or torn. It gives firm sitting and sleeping surface.



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