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How to care for your brand new sewing machine?

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It has arrived and you can’t wait to start it. Your might have sold off your old one that was your companion for so many years, or possibly it might be your brand new one.

Before you start off with the machine, you must know about the things which you must take care of so that it remains in good condition.

Start with making yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit down in a comfortable position where you can concentrate, and read your instruction manual. You may be aware of the tips and tricks already, but still there may be some vital information that you may have missed out on which may lead to damages and repairs.

  • If you have an electronic sewing machine, then use a good quality surge protector to protect your money. You can also fit them to your meter box. If not taken care of, then it may lead to power cuts, or black outs that can wreak havoc to your electrical appliances and further lead to shortening the life of your machine. So, if you spend some money initially, then it may save you from a lot of repairs later.
  • Ensure that you have a good supply of the recommended brand of needles. The needles of the machine fit in all the machines, still your manufacturers will suggest you a specific brand, or machine which you must buy.
  • Look for enough bobbins in your portable sewing machine. Several of the machines will only supply you 4-5 bobbins. You must have a good supply, so that you don’t have to be stuck with new threads over the old colors. It can get messy and will further lead to mechanical problems.
  • Use young threads, but it will not matter if you use an old thread and try to stitch. The stitch will be poor. When it comes to thread, there is no substitute for quality.
  • You must know about the oiling points for the machine and where and how you need to clean them off. If there are any lessons offered to you by the retailer, then you must take them up and learn. Ask during the classes or from the retailer, how to clean and lubricate your machine.
  • Get acquainted with the different feet of the machine. This is vital because if you select an incorrect foot, then it will provide you poor stitch. Each foot has a purpose and they cannot be interchanged.
  • Ensure that the machine is threaded in a proper manner. It may slightly be different from the things you are used to do. If you thread incorrectly, then it will damage your household sewing machine and the process of sewing too.

If you keep these things in mind, then your machine will be in good working condition always. Happy sewing!

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