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10 Reasons Why You Should Relocate to Tenerife

by johnfloyed

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Tenerife is a beautiful island located off of the coast of Spain. It is the largest island in the Canary Islands, and growing in population consistently. Although long recognized as a wonderful and exotic vacation destination, the permanent population is growing and many people are now considering relocating to this growing area.
Here are 10 reasons why you should relocate to Tenerife:

1. Tenerife is a growing area, with many new job opportunities developing. A very large and successful tourist industry, boasting more than five million visitors per year, means that jobs in the hotel, travel, restaurant and hospitality industries are plentiful.

2. Tenerife boasts many wonderful events each year that entertain not only tourists, but local residents as well. As host to one of the largest carnivals in the world, Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the excitement is palpable year round in preparation for this amazing event, and there is much to do related to the festivities.

3. Tenerife is home to a world class university, University of La Laguna, originally founded in 1792. Students from Spain and all over the world attend this institution of higher learning, adding to the diversity of the area and the development of jobs and educational opportunities.

4. A perfect, temperate climate in an island setting makes Tenerife a very desirable location to live year round. With warm, but not too hot temperatures (20-22 degrees Celsius average in the winter and 26-28 degrees Celsius average in the summer), this is a place to be comfortable and enjoy the exotic locale throughout all seasons of the year. Snow can be found in some of the mountainous regions, to delight those who relish more climactic variability.

5. Healthy living is possible thanks to the extremely low levels of pollution found in Tenerife. This beautiful island is considered one of the cleanest places to live, based on measures of pollution and air quality.

6. Highly diverse varieties of animals and vegetation will make Tenerife not only exotic, but very interesting to those who enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.

7. Low crime rates in Tenerife mean that residents and tourists are able to safely travel about the island, without worry for their personal safety or property security.

8. A growing petroleum industry makes Tenerife relevant to the world economy, and the tiny island is becoming a bigger contributor to natural resources worldwide.

9. Cultural opportunities abound in Tenerife, with wonderful examples of art and music and cultural traditions to be readily found.

10. Science and research businesses have found a welcoming home in Tenerife, and new advances in astrophysics and disease control and more make this island paradise a relevant hotspot for growing knowledge.

Those who are desiring a change in location may want to seriously consider relocating to Tenerife, where they will truly find the best of many things, from amazing natural resources and beauty to business and science opportunities, to educational and job opportunities. Those living in Tenerife permanently have learned that this lifestyle can be very satisfying.

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